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If your gut is telling you something in your relationship is not right, and you suspect your partner is cheating,  more than likely you are right.  Cowan Investigations has the latest high tech surveillance equipment which will gather the evidence you need to determine how to best move forward in your relationship.


Surveillance is an art form for a New Jersey Private Investigator, Cowan Investigations is an artist when it comes to the conducting of investigative surveillances. In most investigations some form of surveillance will be required, Cowan Investigations has all the latest technology in order to complete the surveillance while at the same time avoiding detection. Cowan Investigations has multiple vehicles to deploy into the field including a dedicated surveillance van enabling the investigator to observe from the rear of the vehicle.

Bob Cowan the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department with close to thirty-five years-experience moved up through the supervisory ranks by way of a competitive process. Prior to being appointed Chief of Police Bob was the primary and final decision maker in a myriad of incidents such as: domestic violence, child abuse, child endangerment, child custody in addition to overseeing investigations of shootings, aggravated assaults, robberies and narcotics complaints as well as overseeing surveillance to combat and prevent these crimes.


Clients in search of New Jersey Private Investigators put a lot of weight to testimonials and any client feedback they can find when searching for a private investigator? But how many of the testimonials posted are actually real? Aside from the testimonials posted on the Cowan Investigations Website there are also multiple Five-Star Google Reviews posted on the internet. At your request Cowan Investigations will also provide you with the contact information for former clients who have volunteered to vouch for our services.

Cohabitation Investigations

New Jersey Cohabitation Investigations conducted by Cowan Investigations are thorough and professional from the inception of the investigation until our appearance in a New Jersey Court. Former Chief Cowan’s thirty-five-years of law enforcement experience has given him an enormous understanding of how to obtain legally admissible evidence. Do not trust your Cohabitation Investigation to a New Jersey Private Investigator who will improperly collect evidence that will be inadmissible in Court. Upon request references are available from former clients of Cohabitation Investigations.


Contact Cowan Investigations for a free thirty-minute no pressure confidential consultation to discuss your case. While you are afforded 100% confidentiality at all times, the initial consultation will not request the disclosure of any information that will reveal your identity, the identity of the investigation target, or the exact location of the investigation. Cowan Investigations will only ask for very general information in order to formulate an action plan. Don’t let the private investigator business remain a mystery, contact Cowan Investigations for a free consultation.