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Choosing the right private investigation firm is vital for residents of Holmdel Township, NJ. When deciding which agency to choose, it’s best to ask important questions, such as, what do I need these services for? Will this information be valuable in a court of law? How much of the information I am getting is the truth? With Cowan Investigations, we answer your questions with facts. We will help you get a better understanding of what type of quality private investigative services you need. If it is for legal cases in Holmdel Township, NJ, we can ensure that all information provided are accurate and factual.

Our founder, Bob Cowan, had the vision to help people get the facts and uncover the truth, and every day, we improve our goal of helping new clients get the information they seek or want to discover. We are a trusted, known agency throughout the United States, along with the best, most experienced private investigators in New Jersey, you can rely on us to get results.

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Work With A New Jersey Private Investigator You Can Trust, Contact Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan For A free 30 minute consultation.

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Private Investigation Asset Searches in Holmdel Township, NJ

Asset Search Services for Holmdel Township, NJ.

At Cowan Investigations, we are determined to help you find out how much money may have been hidden or stolen from you. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee 100% accuracy due to the complications of these cases. However, we can give you very accurate results, much higher than other agencies in Holmdel Township, NJ. If you are dealing with divorce, it is better to inquire about our services before confronting the cheating partner because it will allow us more time to investigate without suspicion. It is better to go into these court situations with more accurate facts in order to get the money that may have been hidden.

Accurate Background Checks for Employees in Holmdel Township, NJ

Background Checking Services for Employers in Holmdel Township, NJ.

Some cases that usually require background checks and private investigative services include, but are not limited to, infidelity and divorce cases, personal relationship background checks, employee misconduct audits, and witness background checks. For employee misconduct, we will determine whether or not their claims of injury or other misconduct are accurate and will gather evidence that can be used in a court of law to prove their unfaithful accusations. If you are a business owner in Holmdel Township, NJ, who is having to deal with legal trouble because of a lying prior employee, then one of Cowan Investigations’ private investigators will get you the evidence and truth you need to prove your innocence.  

Private Investigation Agency Services for Child Custody Cases in Holmdel Township, NJ

Child Custody Investigators for Holmdel Township, NJ

Are you dealing with a fallout marriage and going through the court process to get a divorce but have children that your spouse is trying to take away from you or gain majority custody? At Cowan Investigations, we work closely with you and your lawyers throughout our investigation process in Holmdel Township, NJ, to provide you with the best courage to win your case. We work for residents of Holmdel Township, NJ, for cases surrounding legal child custody, shared custody, joint custody, and all cases surrounding visitation rights and primary residential custody. We will make sure to uncover hidden assets and financial accounts along with infidelity and other aspects to gain an advantage in the situation. We are known for having some of the best services for child custody cases in Holmdel Township, NJ.

Top Private Investigation Agency Services in Holmdel Township, NJ

We are proud to be Holmdel’s top Private Investigators in New Jersey.

Cowan Investigation was established to help individuals get information discreetly and accurately. We built our company to give the public access to the professional tools and services that come with years of experience. Our Holmdel Township private investigators strategically navigate your case, tailoring their tactics to protect your identity and secure the necessary evidence.

We recognize the sensitivity of every private investigation in Holmdel Township, NJ, whether you are dealing with a matter of personal interest, litigation, or corporate concerns. You can count on our team to shield your sensitive information and conduct cautious investigations.

Bug Sweep Services in Holmdel Township, NJ

Bug sweeping involves inspecting an area or device to reveal any hidden devices or software that could be recording and transmitting data. These are commonly performed when suspicions arise of espionage, stalking, or other unauthorized surveillance. Cowan Investigations conducts thorough bug sweeps in Holmdel Township, NJ, ensuring your peace of mind and protection against eavesdroppers.

We begin our bug sweep investigations with a physical search to uncover any visible surveillance devices. After this, we will perform a spectrum analyzer sweep and a radio frequency sweep to detect evidence of outgoing signals. Our Holmdel Township detectives also utilize computer forensics to check for spyware within your electronic devices.

If you require countersurveillance services in Holmdel Township, NJ, contact Cowan Investigations right away. Our team is eager to assist you with any of your TCSM needs.

Bug Sweep Services in Holmdel Township, NJ

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