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Bob Cowan - Owner of Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey Private Investigator

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Over 35 years of Law Enforcement experience

Robert Cowan, the owner of Cowan Investigations, is the former Chief of Police in Jersey City, New Jersey. Mr. Cowan is a thirty-five-year veteran law enforcement officer, having served every rank. Mr. Cowan founded Cowan Investigations in May of 2016 and has been successfully operating Cowan Investigations since that time.

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Mr. Cowan has assembled the premier criminal and civil litigation investigation team in the State of New Jersey. The Cowan Investigations Team consists of knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced former law enforcement officers whom are experts in the handling of investigations ranging from simple and routine, to the sensitive and complex. You can trust Cowan Investigations result-driven litigation support team to conduct your investigation with the competence and professionalism that the team has accrued during their combined 100 years of experience.

The Cowan Investigations Litigation Support Team

Lieutenant Richard Frascella (Ret.)

Former Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office

Deputy Chief Thomas Cowan (Ret.)

Former Detective Commander At The Jersey City Police Department

Captain Brian Duval (Ret.)

Former Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office

Matthew M. Del Rosario (Ret.)

1st Grade New York City Police Detective

Sergeant Jeffrey Lugo (Ret.)

Former Detective Commander

An Expert Litigation Support Team
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Our professional staff is trained and experienced in the field of litigation support. We strive to be more than just an investigative team on your side, we are a partner in your success.

Overall Investigation Management and Supervision

You can trust Cowan Investigations

Mr. Cowan oversees and manages all investigations; at times he assists with field work as needed. Throughout his career as a police officer and supervisor, Mr. Cowan conducted and oversaw a myriad of complicated investigations. As Chief of Police, Mr. Cowan was responsible for directly overseeing the Jersey City Police Department Detective Division as well as the Internal Affairs Unit. Overseeing the internal affairs unit of a major law enforcement agency requires the use of nuanced and clear judgement to balance protecting the rights of citizens and protecting the due process rights of police officers in the department.

As Chief of Police in New Jersey’s second largest Municipality, Mr. Cowan coordinated with and assisted in the conducting of joint cooperative investigations with the United States Attorney’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Drug Enforcement Agency, United States Marshal Service, and the Hudson Country Prosecutor’s Office.

When competency and professionalism is desired, you can trust the Cowan Investigations Litigation Support Team to deliver.

Social Media Investigations

In-depth searches that lead to information

Social media posts are becoming common sources of evidence across a wide variety of legal matters. Quick and cost-effective — social media investigations are growing in popularity as more and more parties to lawsuits and government inquiries are building cases using information from social media sites. Cowan Investigations will work with attorneys and law firms who can benefit from the evidence gathered from these social media investigations, but who may not have the time, resources, or expertise for social media discovery.

Criminal/Civil Defense Investigations

The evidence you need for your case

When it comes to protecting your client in court, it is imperative to develop a strong foundation for your case. Our expert litigation support team has experience within the industry and in-depth knowledge that gives you the upper hand. Our team can conduct extensive investigations to uncover the evidence you need, and speak as an expert witness during litigation to help you build the strong case your client deserves.

Cohabiatiaion Investigations Services in Montclair, NJ

Expert Witness Testimony

Our experience working for you

With over 100 years of combined experience in law enforcement and investigative experience, every member of our litigation support team is well versed in the regulations and laws surrounding the Criminal Justice system. We have dedicated countless hours of training to master our craft and have acquired an in-depth knowledge in conducting investigations. All of this experience and knowledge allows us to confidently take the stand an expert witness when it comes to matters of investigations or surveillance.

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Client Testimonials

If you find yourself in need of a PI, I can assure you that retaining Cowan Investigations is 100% the right choice. Bob and his wife Liz worked tirelessly to assist me with a very challenging situation and ultimately were able to exceed my highest expectations in terms of obtaining evidence. I truly cannot thank them enough for the level of care and professionalism they brought to my case.

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