Private Investigator FAQ’S

A New Jersey Private Investigator is required to be licensed. A licensed NJ Private Investigator is hired to conduct investigations on behalf of persons, businesses, or legal entities. PI’s gather information, conduct background investigations, perform asset investigations, conduct surveillance in certain investigations as well as performing a myriad of other investigative services for their clients.

Private investigators in New Jersey are required to obtain a license through the New Jersey State Police. In order to qualify for a private investigator License PI must meet certain criteria: 1. Must have 5-years of law enforcement experience, or, 2. Operate under the supervision of a licensed private investigator for at least 5-years, and 3. Must pass a rigorous background investigation and must maintain required insurance.

You can confirm a private detective license in New Jersey by contacting the New Jersey State Police Private Detective Unit at 609-341-3426, or check the New Jersey Consumer Affairs online database of licensed professionals.

Private investigators in New Jersey offer a varied array of services, such as surveillance in certain circumstances, background investigations, asset investigations, cheating spouse or infidelity investigations, skip tracing, subpoena service, corporate investigations, as well as criminal defense work and civil ligation support, this is not an exclusive list.

The cost of retaining a private investigator in New Jersey can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the services required. Additional factors will include the background and competency of the investigator. You must remember, the are many above average PIs in New Jersey, however, there are just as many below average that you will want to avoid. It is important that a client does his/her homework. PI’s will typically charge an hourly rate, and require a retainer fee upfront before beginning an investigation.

Private investigators in New Jersey are able to carry firearms if they have acquired the necessary permits and meet the PI meets New Jersey requirements for firearm possession and use. This ordinarily involves additional training and licensing.

The length of a private investigation in New Jersey can vary widely dependent on the nature of the investigation and the type and extent of the information sought. Some investigations will be completed within a few days, such as: Infidelity investigation, Asset Investigations, Background Investigations; while other investigations may require several weeks or even months, such as Child Custody Investigations or Alimony Cohabitation Investigations.

Yes, it is perfectly legal to hire a private to hire a licensed private investigator in New Jersey as long as the PI operates within the boundaries of the law, that is why it is of the utmost importance that you research the background of PI’s before hiring one.

Yes, Private investigators are able to testify in New Jersey in a New Jersey Court court if they have pertinent evidence or information to relate about a specific a case. Testimony can be extremely valuable in both civil and criminal proceedings. If you believe your case will require testimony you should strongly consider hiring a PI with an extensive and varied resume in law enforcement.

When hiring a PI in New Jersey, you should look for a licensed private investigator that has experience in the specific type of investigation you require. It’s also crucial to check references, review their credentials, and discuss cost and expectations of reaching objectives upfront before retaining that investigator. In addition, it is also critical that the private investigator has a professional and well put together website, because if she/he does not, you can pretty much expect to get an unprofessional investigation.

It is important to be aware that laws and regulations will change over time, so it’s important to be aware of the latest information and seek legal advice if you have specific concerns or questions related to private investigations in New Jersey.

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