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Expert Private Investigation Services in Garfield, NJ

Expert Private Investigation Services in Garfield, NJ

Residents of Garfield, NJ, can turn to Cowan Investigations to discover the truth. Our New Jersey Private Investigation Agency works with clients on all types of cases. Whether you have suspicions of infidelity, fraud, or corporate misconduct, our seasoned private investigators in Garfield, NJ, will work with you to provide the evidence you need to draw a conclusion. We specifically enlist the services of former law enforcement officers who have years of experience conducting thorough investigations. Every client will be assigned a detective who will lend their specialized expertise to assist in your case.

 From surveillance to computer forensics, our Garfield, NJ, detectives are trained in all of the latest techniques to provide comprehensive support. Over years of dedicated service, we have earned the trust of countless local clients. With a unanimous five-star rating across various platforms, you can confidently count on Cowan Investigations for all of your investigative needs.

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Work With A New Jersey Private Investigator You Can Trust, Contact Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan For A free 30 minute consultation.

Child Custody Detective Services in Garfield, NJ

Custody battles can be long, grueling, and emotionally draining. Cowan Investigations assists in legal child custody cases, working to ensure the well-being of your children. We provide child custody detective services in Garfield, NJ, helping you obtain evidence that can aid in your legal dispute. Our Garfield private investigators will conduct surveillance, digital forensics, and background checks to assess the situation. We aim to gather critical information regarding living conditions, character, and other factors that could influence the court’s decision. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our local investigators in Garfield, NJ.

Child Custody Detective Services in Garfield, NJ
Infidelity and Cheating Spouse Investigations in Garfield, NJ

Infidelity and Cheating Spouse Investigations in Garfield, NJ

Infidelity Investigations is one of our most popular services in Garfield, NJ. Thoughts of a cheating spouse can be hard to shake, especially if their behavior reflects these concerns. Maybe they are working longer hours than usual, hiding their phone, or being secretive about their whereabouts. These subtle changes in behavior can trigger restless suspicions. We aim to provide you with a definitive answer that clarifies the uncertainty surrounding your relationship. Our infidelity private investigators in Garfield, NJ, understand the importance of discretion within these types of cases, following careful and methodical procedures to ensure their investigation goes unnoticed. 

Asset Searches for Residents in Garfield, NJ

The steps we take at Cowan Investigation to ensure that we recover as much hidden financial information as possible include first gathering as much information as possible by consulting with our clients. We then figure out what type of assets may be hidden and the steps to take in order to recover them discreetly and efficiently. Using our database, we are then able to narrow down bank accounts and other financial records in Garfield, NJ. Using asset searches in Garfield, NJ, is vital if you are dealing with someone who may be trying to gain finances using illegal or untrustworthy methods.

Asset Searches for Residents in Garfield, NJ

Client Testimonials

If you find yourself in need of a PI, I can assure you that retaining Cowan Investigations is 100% the right choice. Bob and his wife Liz worked tirelessly to assist me with a very challenging situation and ultimately were able to exceed my highest expectations in terms of obtaining evidence. I truly cannot thank them enough for the level of care and professionalism they brought to my case.

Bob and his team were great to work with. Extremely responsive and helpful, and really seemed to know what they were doing. They were able to obtain evidence for my pending financial support case that demonstrated my ex-wife was physically fit for work contrary to her claims of various “health issues” preventing her employment. I would definitely hire Cowan Investigations again if I ever need a private investigator in the future.

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