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Jeff Lugo

Criminal and Civil Investigations Division

Jeff Lugo

Sgt Jeff Lugo has had a twenty-five-year plus law enforcement career with the Guttenberg Police Department, an agency that is located in Hudson County, the most diverse and densely populated County in New Jersey. During his lengthy career, Sgt Lugo (Ret) acquired extensive experience as a detective while conducting investigations which included taking both witness and victim statements, as well as conducting identification procedures in a myriad of criminal incidents. In addition, Sgt Lugo (ret) was responsible to ensure that crime scenes were properly secured and processed in order so that relevant evidence and photographs be obtained that would result in successful prosecutions.

Sgt Lugo (rt) was ultimately promoted to sergeant and subsequently assigned as the Detective Bureau Commander. In this new position, Sgt Lugo (Ret) supervised and participated in the numerous investigations assigned to his unit during a typical work week. Sgt Lugo (Ret) was involved in multiple joint investigations which involved numerous law enforcement partners such as the FBI, DEA, US Dept of HOmalnd Security, NJ State Police, Hudson County Prosecutors Office, New York City Police Department as well as contiguous local law enforcement agencies.

During his career in Norther Hudson County, Sgt Lugo (Ret) was assigned to the sensitive position as the Guttenberg New Jersey Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit Commander. In t his position, Sgt Lugo (Ret) was responsible for determining a fair and proper resolution to the complaint as well as identifying and categorizing the allegation as either a rule infraction or other improper action not rising to the level of criminal misconduct. If an allegation rose to the level of a criminal offense, it was Sgt Lugo’s (Ret) responsibility to forward the complaint to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and assist that office as needed.

⦁ Federal Bureau of Investigation Leadership and Supervision

⦁ Bergen County Criminal Investigation and Crime Scene Analysis Certification

⦁ Union County Prosecutor’s Office Statement Taking

⦁ US Department of Justice Advanced Interview and Interrogation

⦁ Federal Bureau of Investigation Advanced Criminal Investigation

⦁ NJ Division of Criminal Justice Human Trafficking

⦁ New Jersey State Police Criminal Street Gang Investigation

⦁ NY / NJ H.I.D.T.A. Advanced Narcotics Certification

⦁ New York City Police Department Auto Crime Investigation

⦁ NJ Division of Criminal Justice Advanced Domestic Violence Investigation and Prosecution

⦁ Gang Resistance Education and Training Certified Officer

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