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Public Document Retrieval Service

Whether you are searching, for a lien, judgement or other public documents Cowan Investigations can facilitate that retrieval from jurisdictions across the United States. If the documents exist and are public, our private investigator firm will find those documents and promptly deliver them to you.

Documents that Cowan Investigations can retrieve include, but are not limited to:

  • Lien or Judgement Searches, a. the Debtor’s Name, b. Business/Company Name
  • Judgment Retrieval 
  • Specialized Document Retrieval (Almost Any Existing Public Record)
  • Bankruptcy Cases
  • Probate Cases – Guardianships, Wills, Trusts & Estates
  • Divorce Decrees in Many States
  • Federal Record Center & State Archive Retrievals

The Cowan Investigations Research Team handles your request with intelligence and thoughtfulness. When you send New Jersey Based Private Investigator Firm a request  for documents, our team brings years of experience and resources to not only execute your request but to do so with intelligence and care.

New Jersey Based Private Investigator Firms Owner Robert Cowan (former Jersey City, NJ Police Chief) has been working with public documents for over 40 years. When our private investigator agency searches or obtains documents for you, we carefully review our results before sending them to our clients. Cowan Investigations goal is to ensure our clients are provided with accuracy and peace-of-mind knowing that the information our New Jersey Private Investigator Firm provides is correct.

The researchers working for our New Jersey Private Investigator Firm are very familiar and experienced in the accessibility of public documents, which include the public domain ability to make certain documents exempt from the Federal FOIA and State Requirements releasing of information.

Our New Jersey Private Investigator Agency has achieved long standing relationships nationwide, allowing us fast and easy access to documents at the federal, state and local levels.

During the document research and retrieval process Cowan Investigations Researchers can provide status updates to the client as often as your business requires.

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