FAQ for Background Investigations

A background investigation conducted by a Private Investigator involves the obtaining and correlating of information about an individual’s personal and professional background as well as a financial history to the extent that the person may have monetary judgments. A background check seeks to provide the client with a comprehensive profile of the person who is the subject of the investigation. In addition, a background check by a Private Investigator may also identify physical brick-and-mortar properties, as well as the existence of businesses and LLCs.

Background investigations are used for various purposes, including verifying the credibility and financial health of a present or prospective business partner Due Diligence), investigating a potential romantic partner, Child Custody Matters, Divorce Related Matters, Alimony Fraud, and Skip Tracing, this is not an exclusive list.

The type of information a Private Investigator may find is extensive as to what it can uncover. Good background investigators will uncover a wide range of information, including criminal records, employment history, financial history, education, the existence of physical properties, social media activity as well as personal relationships and connections between persons where no associations would seem to exist.

In a broad manner, it is legal to conduct background investigations on individuals as long as it doesn’t involve illegal activities such as hacking into accounts, or accessing social media accounts under false pretense or otherwise violating privacy laws.

The duration of a background investigation varies widely depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the background investigation, the availability and volume of information uncovered, the quality of the background investigator, and how meticulous the investigator is with his or her work. With that said, some background investigations can be completed in a day, while others may be more complex and could take several weeks.

The cost of a background investigation will vary widely from different Private Investigator agencies. Chief among the reasons for price variations is the successfulness and quality of the Background Department, or lack thereof.

In your search for a reputable Private Investigator, start by asking for recommendations from sources that you trust, such as attorneys or maybe some of your friends who have used private investigators in the past. In addition, it is important to verify that the Private Investigator is licensed and has experience in conducting background investigations.

In many cases, the subject of the background investigation will not be aware of the investigation. Private Investigators will, in most instances, conduct their work discreetly. However, there may be circumstances where it may become apparent to the subject, especially if the background investigation involves obtaining and contacting references or acquaintances.

The information gathered from a background investigation by a Private Investigator will assist you in making informed decisions, such as entering into a business partnership, or a personal relationship, or contacting a lost or estranged relative. The Private Investigator must stress to the client how important it is to use the information received legally and ethically.

Not even all law enforcement records are accurate, while Private Investigators will strive for accuracy in background investigations. The information the private detective might uncover may not always be complete or up to date, which is why it is essential to have multiple search platforms. Hands down, one of the best backgrounds is the “Thomas Reuters Clear” Platform, it is expensive, though, and most background investigators are short-sighted and will not invest the money to contract with the “Clear” Platform.

Yes, you can hire a Private Investigator to conduct a background investigation on yourself to see what information is available about you. As a Private Investigator, I see this often, this can be helpful for finding and correcting inaccuracies or addressing any issues before they affect your life or career.

Hiring a private investigator to conduct background investigations is vital before agreeing to monumental life decisions that can affect your money or life. We recommend doing thorough research about what you’re getting from a private investigator for a background check since this is critical to getting your money’s worth and accurate, up-to-date information.

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