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Child Custody issues should only be handled by  a professional, work with a New Jersey Private Investigator you can trust, contact former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan for a free 30 minute consultation

New Jersey Child Custody Investigations are serious issues having important repercussions to the well being of your

Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan addressing grammar school children at the Ethical Community Charter School in Jersey City.

children. Bob Cowan owner of Cowan Investigations is the former Chief of New Jersey’s second largest municipal police department.  Bob has a thirty five year background in New Jersey Law Enforcement. Bob has extensive experience in the practical application of relevant New Jersey laws pertaining to child custody. Laws such as child endangerment/child abuse, juvenile law and domestic violence. Recognizing the importance of child custody issues Bob will either directly participate in the child custody investigation.  Bob will only be assisted by an experienced New Jersey Private Investigator  having knowledge of applicable New Jersey Laws.


A New Jersey Private Investigator Should Work Closely With Your Attorney During A Child Custody Investigation

The facts provided during child custody investigations will assist your attorney in motions before the Court. These issues can include to determine child custody and/or visitation as well as Child Support Issues.  Information uncovered through child custody investigations can substantiate allegations of child abuse and neglect. Child abuse and neglect  can result in the non offending parent obtaining full child custody.

During a Child Custody Investigation, Cowan Investigations can uncover all manner of background information Information such as criminal records, DUI charges and other relevant information. through the use of comprehensive background searches  This background investigation will be done in an effort to prevent further child abuse, endangerment and/or neglect.


When Should you Seek A Child Custody Investigation

Consider retaining a private investigator when you decide your child’s best interests are served by a change of custody. This could mean physical and/or legal custody. It is extremely important you retain a competent family law attorney. The lawyer you retain should have a specific knowledge of litigating Child Custody Motions. I would suggest an attorney having specific experience litigating in New Jersey Family Court.

Cowan Investigations will gather evidence for your Child Custody Motion. Your attorney’s job will be to vet the evidence for relevance and admissibility. Meaning the evidence secured by the private investigator and provided to your counsel. Bob Cowan has a background in investigating Child Custody Matters in New Jersey. He has has a thirty-five year background in law enforcement including hands on experience dealing with family issues. Former Chief Cowan extensively dealt with issues such as child abuse, neglect and other family related dysfunctions.


Cowan Investigations Has Much Experience In Child Custody Matters

All of Bob’s law enforcement experience was obtained in New Jersey’s Second Most Populous Municipality. When considering which New Jersey Private Investigator for your Child Custody Investigation it is extremely important to choose experience. Cowan Investigations has that experience. Mr. Cowan has a proven and strong background in multiple areas.

  1. Investigation and case management


  1. Cowan Investigations possessesa broad range of investigative experience. a) Child Custody Investigations, b) Cohabitation Investigations as well as other divorce related inquiries, c) Criminal Investigations to include child abuse and/or child endangerment as well as Domestic Violence Investigations. Additionally, Bob Cowan has a long history of dealing with the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).  In Bob’s  thirty-five year service in the Jersey City Police Department he had constant interaction with Children’s services. For twenty- seven of those years Bob served in various supervisory ranks in the department.  Bob was a radio car patrolman, police sergeant, lieutenant, captain, deputy chief and Chief of Police.
  1. Mr. Cowan Cowan is an expert in Criminal Code 2C, and all of its areas of criminal activities to include. Bob has handled sexual assaults, physical assaults, domestic violence, juvenile law, this is not an exclusive list.
  1. Lastly, Bob Cowan is meticulous in the preparation of reports and handling of evidence. Bob is experienced in identifying relevant evidential material while discarding extraneous items and/or information.

Bob Cowan owner of Cowan Investigations is willing to do anything legally permissible to gather legally admissible evidence. Evidence your attorney will use to prevail in your Child Custody Motion before a New Jersey Family Court. Bob strongly recommends  you conduct “due diligence” research on other New Jersey Private Investigators you consider retaining. It is suggested you take the following important factors into consideration in making your selection.

A) Does the New Jersey Private Investigator have a law enforcement background,? Municipal law enforcement background ensures a variety of experience and is essential.  Police experience and training outside of the private investigation field such as Juvenile Law, Domestic Violence, and Criminal Law specific to New Jersey is of paramount importance?

B) Will the New Jersey Private Investigator “Sub-Contract” your Child Custody Matter to another private investigator?  Often a Private Investigation firm will charge you $85.00 to $140.00 per hour for services and immediately Subcontract the investigation to another private investigator.  The original private Investigator accepting your case will skim up to 50% of the hourly rate for themselves as a “management fee”.  Under no circumstances should you retain a firm that will be subcontracting your investigation. It is imperative to a successful investigation that you have a direct line of communication with the investigator field.

C) What hours ,day or night, will the New Jersey Private Investigator your considering hiring be willing to work? Will the Private Investigator be willing to work weekends and holidays? If the investigator is willing to work unconventional hours or days,  will there be additional charges? In my thirty-five years on the Jersey City Police Department it is stunning to see the number of police officers who think they signed up for a Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00pm job. I am not kidding, it would absolutely stun you. Do not make that mistake!!  Your private investigator works for you, many investigators fit this Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm attitude. Do not accept it.

D) Ask the New Jersey Private Investigator what would happen if you came into possession of actionable intelligence in regard to your case at 12:15AM early on a Sunday Morning and there was a strong possibility of obtaining substantial evidence at 2:30AM that same morning if an investigator could get out into the field. Ask if the private investigator would be immediately reachable by telephone and have a plan to set into motion in order to respond to this sudden early morning need.

Make no mistake, Bob Cowan will be getting paid well to handle your Child Custody Investigation which concerns the most important people in your life, your children. With that being said, Bob Cowan takes his responsibility to you and your children very seriously and will answer you calls twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

E) Lastly, while finalizing your “due diligence research” inquire if the Private Investigator your considering has a website. If private investigator does have a website, it is extremely important you review this “blueprint for competence”. If the website is sparse of information, poorly written, poorly constructed and plagiarized this is a major warning sign.  Do not walk away from this private investigation firm, RUN AWAY.

Any Private Investigator that would put a substandard Website online for public consumption is sending a signal to you. The signal is that the investigator is lazy, non-caring or just don’t have the ability to put a professional face to their business. I guarantee if you hire a private investigator with either no website or a substandard website you can expect the work product you obtain from these investigators will be substandard. The fault will be yours for not having done your due diligence. These are your children, do not cut corners.  You must do your “due diligence research” prior to hiring of a private investigator for a Child Custody Motion before a New Jersey Family Court.


Investigations involving divorce often overlap with multiple other issues such as child custody, alimony, infidelity in addition to other information that your attorney may wish us to uncover. Cowan Investigations will work closely with your attorney and seek to obtain the evidence he needs in order to litigate your case.

Bob thank you so much for your time,
I had recently contacted several private eyes in order to explore my options in a complicated Child Custody matter. I was totally unimpressed with the Investigators I had spoken to because they didn’t seem to have a grasp of the legal issues involved. This was the case until I talked with Bob Cowan. Bob seemed to be genuinely concerned asking what I thought were all the right questions concerning my relationship with my children and ex-wife. Bob was extremely familiar with domestic violence laws, restraining orders and police interventions in family situations including dealing with DYFS. I have yet to retain Bob but I know if I need an investigator it is going to be him, he spent well over an hour on the phone with me leaving me feeling so much more informed of many of the legal issues.
Roger C

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