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Cell Phone Debugging


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Are you the victim of cell phone spying? As a New Jersey Private Investigator you would be shocked on how many calls I recieve by nervous men or woman that think they are being spied on.

Anyone can be the target of cellular spying however, some people can be at a greater risk than others. Are you going through a divorce, separated, public official, celebrity, insurance claimant or are you involved in a business dispute. Is your sensitive information being compromised?

Smart Phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Windows Mobile and Symbian Mobile Devices have an (OS) operating system and can be bugged with spyware. These software programs allow the eavesdropper to remotely view SMS messages, E-mail, Telephone Call Logs, GPS tracking, Voicemail and other eavesdropping capabilities without the users knowledge. There are many cellular spyware programs on the market that can be purchased over the Internet and installed in a matter of minutes. These spyware programs once installed on the Smart Phone allow the eavesdropper to access an Internet Website and view your personal information.

At Cowan Investigations we will have a Licensed New Jersey Private Investigator conduct a forensic examination of your Smart Phone and physically identify known and unknown applications and processes running on the device. Cowan Investigations will also conduct a physical dump of the Smart Phone memory to examine all files and data. Cowan Investigations will ensure the client is provided with a detailed report of the forensic procedures and findings. Spyware will be removed and also make a attempt to trace the source of the spyware. All devices are photographed and evidence continuity maintained. A forensic examination can be in a lab or discretely at your location in a mobile laboratory van or you can FedEx your Smart Phone and we will return it back to you within 24 hours.

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