Criminal/Civil Investigations Team

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Professional Criminal/Civil Investigations Team

Cowan Investigations is comprised of an exceptional team of seasoned private investigators. Our professionals bring decades of law enforcement and investigative experience to the table. With diverse backgrounds and specializations, our assembly of private investigators can assist with any case. Whether you require discreet surveillance, computer forensics, or litigation support, you. can rely on Cowan Investigations to recover the information and evidence you need.

The Cowan Investigations Criminal/Civil Investigations Team

Robert (Bob) Cowan

Brian J. Duval

Director of Criminal and Civil Litigation at Cowan Investigations

Brian Duval, a retired captain from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, is the Director of Criminal and Civil Litigation Department at Cowan Investigations. Captain Duval has impressive law enforcement credentials particularly in the area of criminal investigations. At the time of Captain Duval’s Retirement, Captain Duval was responsible for all aspects of pre-and post-case indictments.


Matthew M. Del Rosario

Senior Investigator

New York Police Department 1st Grade Detective Matt Del Rosario (Ret) is a dedicated veteran law enforcement professional with nearly thirty-years in law enforcement experience in the world-renowned New York City Police Department (NYPD). 1st Grade Detective Del Rosario (Ret) demonstrated success for twenty-six years as a detective in the narcotics and auto crime divisions as well as Drug Enforcement Task Force.


Rich Frascella

Detective Lieutenant Rich Frascella (Ret.) from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office with over twenty-five years of law enforcement investigative experience. Mercer County is a diverse area with a large population within the State of New Jersey. Mercer County’s western boundary is situated on the Delaware River bordering Pennsylvania. New Jersey’s State Capital located in Trenton, New Jersey is located within Mercer County as is Princeton University.


Jeff Lugo

Criminal and Civil Investigations Division

Sgt Jeff Lugo has had a twenty-five-year plus law enforcement career with the Guttenberg Police Department, an agency that is located in Hudson County, the most diverse and densely populated County in New Jersey. During his lengthy career, Sgt Lugo (Ret) acquired extensive experience as a detective while conducting investigations which included taking both witness and victim statements, as well as conducting identification procedures in a myriad of criminal incidents. In addition, Sgt Lugo (ret) was responsible to ensure that crime scenes were properly secured and processed in order so that relevant evidence and photographs be obtained that would result in successful prosecutions.

A Criminal/Civil Investigator Is
Available to Assist You

Confidentiality Assured

Privacy is high priority

At Cowan Investigations, we are aware of the delicate nature of both private and business-related concerns. Your information and the particulars of your case will always be treated with the utmost discretion according to the stringent confidentiality measures that we have in place. Our staff is trained to act covertly, ensuring that the investigative process is inconspicuous and private from the very beginning all the way to its conclusion.

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