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Private Investigators in Princeton, NJ

Private Investigators in Princeton, NJ

Cowan Investigations is a reputable private investigation agency in Princeton, NJ. With a unanimous 5-star rating across over 45 Google reviews, clients know they can count on our local detectives for unrivaled investigative services. We bring years of professional investigative experience to every case, ensuring the utmost discretion and commitment.

Our private investigation services in Princeton, NJ, are valuable to many inquiries, whether you are looking into infidelity, child custody, alimony, assets, or backgrounds. We aim to give Princeton residents the insight they need to navigate social and legal landscapes with confidence.

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Work With A New Jersey Private Investigator You Can Trust, Contact Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan For A free 30 minute consultation.

Princeton, NJ Computer Forensics Services

Computer forensics is one of our specialties in Princeton, NJ. Our forensic department conducts all computer forensic investigations at Cowan Investigations. Our experience and expertise are crucial to being able to decipher and look closely into the forensic elements that can dictate the outcome of a case.

Using his wealth of knowledge, our forensic department can help our clients in Princeton, NJ, retrieve lost files, emails, and text messages. If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, computer forensics can help identify any hidden online communications. Computer forensics is also commonly used in employee misconduct investigations in Princeton, NJ, helping to uncover evidence of inappropriate or unlawful online activity.

Princeton, NJ Computer Forensics Services
Hidden Surveillance Investigations in Princeton, NJ

Hidden Camera Surveillance Investigations in Princeton, NJ

At Cowan Investigations, we often utilize surveillance to recover video evidence. Our private investigators in Princeton, NJ, adapt their strategy to every case, guaranteeing the highest levels of confidentiality. In addition to in-person surveillance, we also offer real-time hidden camera installations. These hidden cameras can be used to gather video proof and monitor activities. 

We strictly abide by legal and ethical standards throughout our private investigations in Princeton, NJ. Any surveillance employed in your investigation will be conducted within the confines of the law, ensuring evidence can be used in litigation. If you require surveillance services in Princeton, NJ, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Child Custody Private Investigation Agency in Princeton, NJ

Protecting your child should always be the number one priority when divorcing or separating. Most often, the child is the one who is dealing with the fallout from divorce. With Cowan Investigations, we will investigate what is going on with your child via our child custody investigation services. We work to help gain, if necessary, legal child custody for one parent if the other parent is abusing or mistreating, providing improper living conditions. If you live in Princeton, NJ, and are suffering from a divorce, do not go into it blindly. Your spouse may try to claim your child and limit your custody rights. We work with all aspects of child custody and want to help alleviate stress for you and your child.

Princeton, NJ Child Custody Investigations

Client Testimonials

If you find yourself in need of a PI, I can assure you that retaining Cowan Investigations is 100% the right choice. Bob and his wife Liz worked tirelessly to assist me with a very challenging situation and ultimately were able to exceed my highest expectations in terms of obtaining evidence. I truly cannot thank them enough for the level of care and professionalism they brought to my case.

Bob and his team were great to work with. Extremely responsive and helpful, and really seemed to know what they were doing. They were able to obtain evidence for my pending financial support case that demonstrated my ex-wife was physically fit for work contrary to her claims of various “health issues” preventing her employment. I would definitely hire Cowan Investigations again if I ever need a private investigator in the future.

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