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Atlantic City, New Jersey
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Bob Cowan - Owner of Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey Private Investigator

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Professional Private Investigators Serving Atlantic City, NJ

Our professional private investigator services in Atlantic City, New Jersey, are designed to help clients get the answers they need, no matter the complexity of their case. With years of experience in law enforcement and private investigations, we understand that every case is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our team of highly skilled private investigators has the expertise and resources necessary to conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, and provide clients with the answers they seek.

Whether you are dealing with a cheating spouse, child custody, background checks, or any other personal, business, or legal matter, our team of professional private investigators is committed to providing high-quality investigative services that deliver results. Our lead investigator, Bob Cowan, is the owner and former Jersey City Police Chief. In most instances, you will be able to speak directly with Bob Cowan to discuss your case.

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Work With A New Jersey Private Investigator You Can Trust, Contact Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan For A free 30 minute consultation.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Seaside Gaming & Resort Capital of the East Coast


Atlantic City, New Jersey hosts over 27 million visitors a year, making it one of the more popular tourist destinations in America. If you have concerns about a cheating spouse or other infidelity in your relationship, Atlantic City is one place where indiscretions can happen in anonymity. It’s easy to blend in and be only one in 27 million tourists who stay there.

Understand this, your cheating spouse does not have to bring someone along with them in order to be involved in infidelity. The hotels and streets of Atlantic City, are rampant with prostitutes of both sexes from streetwalkers to high-end hookers; these sex workers provide a varied menu for all preferences.

Child Custody

Many children are left unsupervised by parents on the Atlantic City casino floor which puts them in a significant amount of danger from criminals.  To be fair, casino personnel in most instances react fairly quickly, but you cannot count on the casino to provide evidence of child neglect. Our team will find evidence and provide a report and testify in court on any child custody matters. In addition, if our team observes something requiring police intervention, we will call the Atlantic City Police to respond.

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Detective Skills To Use For You

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Cheating Spouse

If your instinct tells you something in your relationship is not right, and you suspect your partner is cheating, then you might need to find out if your suspicions are correct. Let us find and gather the hard evidence you need to determine how to best move forward in your relationship.

Cohabitation Investigations

With 35 years of experience in the field, our team possesses an incredibly deep and nuanced understanding of how to obtain legally admissible evidence. You can trust our investigation will be thorough and professional from the inception of the investigation until our appearance in a New Jersey Court.

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Child Custody

When fighting for the legal or physical custody of your children, retaining the services of a skilled private investigator in combination with a qualified, local NJ lawyer can go a long way in making your case. Our teams’ detailed knowledge of the court system can help you acquire the legal evidence you need for presentation in a New Jersey Family Court.

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Litigation Support

If you are an attorney retained by a client in either a civil or criminal case having a need for litigation support and/or expert witness who possesses a substantial background in the conducting of investigations, contact Cowan Investigations, we will put our vast experience to work for you.

Background Checks

Backgrounds are a crucial aspect of any private investigation case. Cases that will often require a background investigation include divorce-related investigations, alimony elimination investigations, child custody investigations to protect the health, welfare, and rights of children, and witness screenings.  

Asset Searches

Our hidden bank account and brokerage searches can legally find all bank accounts Nationwide. Best of all, the individual who is the subject of our search will never know that you are searching for their hidden bank and brokerage accounts. Using proprietary software, the private investigator is able to locate hidden assets like no other investigation firm is able to.

Client Testimonials

If you find yourself in need of a PI, I can assure you that retaining Cowan Investigations is 100% the right choice. Bob and his wife Liz worked tirelessly to assist me with a very challenging situation and ultimately were able to exceed my highest expectations in terms of obtaining evidence. I truly cannot thank them enough for the level of care and professionalism they brought to my case.

Proving The Residents of Atlantic City, NJ With Comprehensive Investigative Services

As a leading provider of private investigative services in Atlantic City, New Jersey, we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and discreet services. Our team of experience investigators is dedicated to conducing thorough investigations while maintaining the utmost discretion and professionalism. Regardless of the nature of your case, our team works tirelessly to uncover the truth and provide you with the answers you seek.

We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously, and we take every measure to ensure that all personal information shared with us is kept strictly confidential. Our comprehensive services are designed to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence. If you need a private investigator in Atlantic City, NJ, contact us today to learn how we may be of assistance to you.

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