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Consultation and Counter Surveillance Services for The Detection of New Jersey Cohabitation Investigations

Robert Cowan is the owner of Cowan Investigations and is the former Chief of Police of the nine hundred officer Jersey City NJ. Police Department. Mr. Cowan is a thirty-five-year veteran officer of that law enforcement agency. Mr. Cowan founded Cowan Investigations in May of 2016 and has been operating Cowan Investigations since that time

New Jersey Alimony /Cohabitation

Cowan Investigations offers several types of Counter Surveillance and Consultation Services to New Jersey Attorneys as well as to private clients. This surveillance and consultation service has never before been offered in the State of New Jersey. Cowan Investigations will assist you in determining how you can best maintain your alimony ward through our consultation which will help you identify surveillance, either manned or unmanned surveillance.

No-one should be defenseless when it comes to being investigated for an alimony award which they are entitled to and are about to receive or, are already receiving. Mr. Cowan has successfully conducted New Jersey Cohabitation Investigations throughout the State saving our clients millions of dollars in spousal alimony that had been awarded them by the Courts. The Cowan Investigations Team is by far the most competent team of New Jersey Investigators in rooting out a spouse whom is fraudulently receiving alimony while cohabitating.

Whether the Cohabitation Investigation Consists mostly of conventional surveillance, or, is largely conducted through the use of concealed cameras, Cowan Investigations has learned all the tricks of the trade. Stated another way, through our experience, Mr. Cowan has “learned how the sausage is made”. Cowan Investigations is now ready to help the recipients of alimony get a fair shake through our Counter Surveillance and Consultation Services.

Over the years, Mr. Cowan has declined to accept many Cohabitation Investigations after he had found the cases to be either weak and/or motivated by irrelevant factors, chief among them, the Payor of alimony believes that his/her spouse has no right to have a significant other in their life; that is just plain wrong. Cowan Investigations is the first to offer consultations of protecting your alimony, or that of your client

Mr. Cowan has written extensively regarding the investigation of alimony as it relates to cohabitation and loss of that alimony . Mr. Cowan has produced Voluminous pages of Cohabitation Reports, one report exceeded 2,200 pages in an investigation spanning a period of six months. Unlike many major private investigation firms in New Jersey, Cowan Investigations does not hire interns to write their Cohabitation Reports. At Cowan investigations Mr. Cowan personally handles and oversees all Cohabitation Investigations. Mr. Cowan personally writes the reports, when written professionally are the single most important piece of evidence in a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation. More importantly, at Cowan Investigations only licensed private investigators handle evidence collected during a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation.

If you are an attorney and have a client whom has received an alimony award and believes it would be in the best interests of your client to have a consultation with Mr. Cowan, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Mr. Cowan will teach your client on how to best protect their award of alimony through his in-depth knowledge of the legal elements of alimony as well as the investigation involved including the various methods, he himself has used in order to successfully conduct approximately 95% of his Cohabitation Investigations to a successful conclusion.

If you are not an attorney, but instead a recipient of alimony, Cowan Investigations is also available to conduct counter surveillances as well as offering consultation services in order to help you best protect you award of alimony.

Our Cohabitation Consultations will include, but are not limited to:

⦁ The nuts and bolts of the planning that goes into the New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation

⦁ The Background Investigation and preparation conducted for a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation

⦁ How to protect your social media from being used against you in a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation

⦁ Identification of Investigative Methods an investigator will use in a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation. Is it a conventional investigation, meaning, are there private investigators conducting field investigations? Or, are concealed cameras being deployed into the field collecting evidence over a lengthy period of timed? Or, could the Cohabitation Investigation be a combination of both a conventional investigation as well as a concealed camera investigation? Mr. Cowan will discuss the identifying of the different methods of surveillances that an investigator may employ during a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation. Much of this consultation pertaining to the identification of surveillance methods will take place on location much of it at a targeted persons home.

⦁ Mr. Cowan will discuss the implication of Credit Card/Debit Card/Venmo uses as well as the financial aspects related to a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation. The use of these forms of payment by the payee of could make a simple dinner date between a couple end up as evidence in a New Jersey Cohabitation Investigation.

⦁ Mr. Cowan will discuss the subject of a dating couple have separate residences and the implications of them sustaining those two separate residences, and the methods of investigation used to investigate a dual residence cohabitation case.

⦁ Mr. Cowan will discuss the type of evidence a competent investigator includes in his/her report.

⦁ Mr. Cowan can review completed reports for indications of privacy violations as well as signs that evidence was improperly obtained. Was the evidence obtained through any degree of trespass? Were only licensed private investigators assigned with the responsibility of handling, procuring and examining of evidence in the Cohabitation Investigation?

Simply put, you have the right to have a life and to have love after your divorce. A timely consultation with Cowan Investigations will assist you in protecting the alimony you have been awarded. If you wish to protect your alimony award, you cannot not afford to “Not to Call Cowan Investigations”, the money you spend now can guarantee your financial health in the future.

Cowan Investigations can also assist you in multiple other areas of investigations providing consultations and counter surveillance in many arenas, such as Child Custody, Infidelity & Employee Misconduct.

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