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Cowan Investigations is a New Jersey Private Investigator firm that can find hidden assets needed to be located for a variety of legal purposes.  Many people would think that the acquiring of banking information is illegal, in most instances, you would be right. However, there is an exception where a New Jersey Private Investigator can obtain this information for those that have a legal interest in obtaining hidden asset information.  There is no need to worry that your bank, brokerage firm or the subject of the search will be contacted, Cowan Investigations never pretexts.  Using proprietary software, our team is able to locate hidden assets like no other investigation firm is able to.

Any New Jersey Private Investigator who assures that you will receive the current balance of every account that is located is being untruthful.

At Cowan Investigations every effort is made to return the current approximate account balance, however, the subject may have an opt-out agreement on file with the bank/brokerage and may not be available.

You can trust Cowan Investigations, we will always be honest with you.

Are you getting divorced?

Do not go into a divorce blind, it is Cowan Investigations experience that in many instances our clients reported their spouses began draining bank accounts well before the client was even aware of an impending divorce.  As soon as you learn that your marriage is heading for divorce, it is imperative that you conduct a due diligence search for assets your partner may have hidden, finding these assets will enable your attorney to intervene.

Upon becoming aware of an impending divorce your first step should be to contact our team at Cowan Investigations. If it is hidden, our investigators will find it.  Our hidden bank account and brokerage searches can find all bank accounts nationwide.  Best of all, the individual who is the subject will never know that you are searching for their hidden bank and brokerage accounts.

Are you suing? Do you have a court judgement against someone?

Cowan Investigations can locate hidden bank accounts of the person you are suing or whom you have a financial judgement against.

Unfortunately, our team cannot guarantee a 100% success rate in locating every account a person or business may hold, no honest private investigator can guarantee that type of success. However, our methods are second to none, our investigators have proven much more effective and reliable than any other investigators nationwide.

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