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Joseph Ascolese Bio

Business executive - Businessperson Joseph Ascolese Regional Operations Manager at Cowan Investigations

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“Jersey City cops, contractor are heroes to disabled senior facing code violations”

In December of 2018, Mr. Ascolese assumed the position as Regional Operations Manager at Cowan Investigations

After retirement from the Jersey City Police Department in 2015, Joe assumed the position of Site Manager for an Interstate Security Firm overseeing multiple New Jersey Residential Properties

Jersey City Police Department

Mr. Ascolese was appointed to the Jersey City Police Department December 04, 1987, retiring on February 1, 2015, after twenty-seven years of service

Captain: Prior to retirement Joe was Captain in command of the elite Special Operations Division which consisted of the multi-faceted Emergency Services Unit comprised of tactical, explosive, hazmat, rescue, executive protection as well as the twelve officer K-9 Unit trained in explosive and narcotic detection.

In this position Joe also commanded the rapid deployment force consisting of one hundred Jersey City Police Officers and Supervisors trained for response to large scale incidents and events.

As Special Operations Commander Joe was responsible for the thirty officer Special Patrol Bureau consisting of thirty Motorcycle Traffic Officers, all officers trained in traffic mitigation and accident investigation. Under Captain Ascolese’s Command the Motorcycle Unit became an intricate part of the departments crime fighting strategies in 2013/2014.

Lieutenant: As a lieutenant Joe performed as the overall commander in charge of up to two Police Districts during the night tour in the absence of District Commanders.  As a Tour Commander Joe exercised line command of up to thirty officers and supervisors.  In addition to these responsibilities Mr. Ascolese assisted and coordinated criminal investigations with the On-Duty Detective Division Commander while reporting directly to the Captain or Officer in charge of the department. 

Joe spent time assigned to Supervisin a Narcotics Unit and the units investigations while participating in and overseeing the placement surveillances.

As a lieutenant Joe had also spent a significant period assigned Supervising the Central Communications Bureau which included call intake and radio car dispatch as well as coordination with other law enforcement agencies and public entities both within and outside of New Jersey.

Sergeant: As a sergeant Joe Supervised officers in the Neighborhood Task Force responding to changing crime patterns in Jersey City’s West District one of New Jersey’s busiest police precincts. This Neighborhood Task Force conducted all manners of police response including narcotics, robbery and burglary investigations. Cell Phone Debugging Oak Ridge Estates

Police Officer: Joe was appointed to the Jersey City Police Department in 1987, after completion of the Police Academy he was to assigned to the Patrol Division.  Joe was responsible for responding to all types of radio calls including serious crime calls, Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment, DYFS Matters, Child Custody Disputes as well as any other matters as directed by supervisorFor a significant period of time Mr. Ascolese worked plainclothes investigating street level narcotics, robberies and burglary incidents.

In 1980 Mr. Ascolese enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving until 1983 at which time he was honorably discharged

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