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Cheating? Divorce? Child Custody? Alimony Reduction?

Work With A New Jersey Private Investigator You Can Trust To Conduct Your Cheating Spouse Investigation, contact former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan for a free 30 minute consultation.

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If your gut is telling you something in your relationship and something is just not right, and you suspect your partner is cheating, more than likely you are right.

As The Owner Of Cowan Investigations And The Firms Primary Private Investigator I have invested in the latest high tech surveillance equipment in order to gather the evidence you need so you can determine how to best move forward in your relationship in which you suspect your partner to be cheating. While some other New Jersey Private Investigators may have some of this same technology, what these Investigators lack is the experience and knowledge in its proper use, with Cowan Investigations your trust will be built on our many years of investigative and surveillance experience.

Many cheating spouses have adulterous relationships which often begin at work, however, more recently social media has exponentially exploded on the cheating scene causing marriages to end in divorce, because unlike before, life’s past love interests are now only a click away. Studies have shown that one in seven have said they have considered divorce because of their spouses’ questionable activity on Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter or What’sApp. Almost a quarter of those said they had at least one argument a week related to social media use, with 17% admitting they fought about it every day. According to a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers 81 percent of divorce attorneys said they had seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence; Facebook was the number one source for finding online evidence.


Cheating Spouse Investigations By Cowan Investigations Are Professional, Thorough And Confidential

Cheating spouse investigations conducted by Cowan Investigations will provide you with detailed evidence concerning your cheating spouse or partner, evidence such as reports, video and still photographs. This proof is obtained through surveillance and other investigatory methods Bob Cowan the Owner Of Cowan Investigations,as well as it’s Primary Private Investigator, aside from the owner personally participating in and overseeing all investigations.

Bob Cowan former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department (BIO) and owner of Cowan Investigations knows that having a cheating spouse is not only emotionally painful but one of the most prevalent causes of divorce. Bob has had close to 35 years experience dealing with domestic issues as a leader in New Jersey’s second largest municipal police department. When Cowan Investigations undertakes an infidelity investigation Bob as the Private Investigator handling the case understands the need for establishing a trust between the client and himself during such a stressful period. Unlike many other New Jersey Private Investigators, Bob is in tune to the trust relationship that needs to exist between the Investigator and the the victim of a cheating relationship; for this reason Bob has found it important to attach his name and image to his Private Investigator Business as opposed to a gimmicky name and use of stock photos. As the owner of Cowan Investigations it is Bob’s goal to gain your trust in the fact that he will handle your case with the utmost confidentiality, professionalism and discretion.
The evidence Cowan Investigations will provide in a cheating spouse Investigation will confirm or dispel whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, for this reason alone clients have said it was worth the hiring of a private investigator”.

Dear Bob and Liz,

Thank you both and Pete for all of your hard work, concern, and professionalism with my case. You found and documented an incredible amount of information within three days of work–you are really remarkable investigators. You did an excellent job tailing him–not an easy feat in Philadelphia and South Jersey. I appreciate that Liz was in constant communication with me and kept me apprised of what was happening during Bob’s field investigation. The photos and video were difficult to look at but they were undeniable–you had uncovered the devastating truth that someone I had known, cared for, respected, and loved for 17 years was leading a double life and had been lying to me repeatedly for a year and a half.

From my initial consultation with Liz, I felt that you genuinely cared about me and had my back throughout the investigation, and even after it concluded. As you know, this was a complicated relationship and heartbreaking situation for me and I felt supported by you and not judged. None of us expected the outrageous and sordid facts that were revealed during the investigation but I’m so grateful to know the truth, even as painful as it is. As Bob noted, the case “was one for the annals”.

-Monica H.


I so much appreciate what you and the team did for my mom. The pictures and video you got from surveillance were a gold mine. I’m surprised and kind of have to laugh at how you were able to get frontal shot of them in your surveillance. Also how you were able to tail them for so many miles without being picked up was remarkable. Aside from the actual work, what separates you in my opinion from the rest is your honesty. You gave us realistic expectations, and we’re upfront and truthful about things that you didn’t have to tell us. Your team is good inside and out. This was very emotional for my mom and you gave her the ability to start a new chapter in her life and heal from what could have been certain misery. Please forward my appreciation to Pete and Liz as well.

Mike W.

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