New Jersey Child Custody Private Investigator FAQS

A New Jersey Child Custody Investigation is a process that is conducted by a private investigator in order to obtain information and possibly evidence that is material to the well-being and living conditions of a child in a custody dispute, usually a high conflict environment. A Child Custody Investigation will assist Family Courts in making informed decisions regarding the best interests of the child in reaching decisions on how to structure custody arrangements.

New Jersey Child Custody Investigations are often required when parents the parents of a child or children are involved in a divorce and cannot reach an agreement on child custody arrangements. Child Custody Investigations may also be needed in cases of alleged neglect, abuse, or concerns about a child’s safety and his or her well-being.

During a New Jersey Child Custody Investigation, private detectives will obtain various types of evidence, including but not limited to surveillance video/photos, witness statements, and an essential requirement will be the conducting of background investigations of all persons around the child. In addition, a New Jersey Private Investigator will attempt assess a child’s living conditions and the parents’ ability to provide a safe environment through the use of various investigative methods.

Surveillance of a licensed New Jersey Private Investigator is permissible as long as the surveillance is conducted within the parameters of the law. New Jersey Private Investigators must follow ethical and legal standards when conducting surveillance and gathering evidence.

The length of a New Jersey Child Custody Investigation will vary depending on how complex the investigation is and the specific objectives of the client. A child custody investigation may take anywhere from several days to several weeks or even many months.

New Jersey Private Investigators can testify in court as witnesses in order to present any of the evidence that private detective may have gathered during the investigation. Many New Jersey Private Investigators have law enforcement backgrounds and have much. Experience providing crucial testimony. A New Jersey Private Detective’s Testimony can be critically important in Child Custody Hearings.

The costs associated with a New Jersey Child Custody Investigation can vary widely based upon factors. Factors such as the experience and proven competency of the private detective, the scope and objective of the investigation, the location, and of course the time required, including the preparation of reports and court room testimony. It is crucial that a client discuss the costs and associated fees with the private investigator before commencing any investigation.

A cardinal rule in selecting a New Jersey Private Investigator is to do you own homework, search out a local New Jersey Private Detective yourself. There are too many national firms in New Jersey who promise to match you with a New Jersey Private Investigator. Take this to the bank, if you let a national company select an investigator for you, you will be unhappy. It is important that you choose a licensed and experienced private investigator who specializes in child custody cases. Ask the private investigator for references, check their licensing credentials, and ensure the private detective is well-versed in New Jersey’s laws and regulations regarding child custody.

The evidence collected by a New Jersey Private Investigator during a Child Custody Investigation is usually presented in an New Jersey Family Court during Child Custody Hearings. The power and relevance of strong evidence presented may be the lynchpin in the court’s ultimate decision on the child custody arrangements.

It is important to be aware that laws and regulations will change over time, so it’s important to be aware of the latest information and seek legal advice if you have specific concerns or questions related to private investigations in New Jersey.

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