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Public & Private Employee Misconduct

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Professional Employee Misconduct Investigations

Employees are often your best defense against dishonest employees, but they can also be a thief’s ally. Those who know how the business is run have an idea of which vulnerabilities to exploit and will take advantage if given an opportunity; it doesn’t matter what safeguards you put in place or risk management practices that you institute when someone knows where all the security holes lie.

Recent times have seen even more valuable losses than theft: time itself has become most people’s most valued commodity – especially for those working in both public and private sectors alike.

Private Sector Employee Misconduct

One of the most severe types of employee misconduct is theft. An employee stealing money from a cash register, or padding an expense report with extra charges are obviously theft but it’s not the only kind. Other examples include:

  • Do work on a side-business while at their company job
  • Clock in to work and then go do personal errands instead (either using company car for this)
  • Take intellectual property like computer codes home without permission
  • Steal supplies out of common areas such as printers, paperclips etc.
  • Taking inventory items off shelves before they have been scanned into computers systems by store employees)

It may seem like a harmless and necessary step for an employee to take home supplies from work, but it is not okay. If you need something specific at your house that was taken out of the company’s possession with permission, just ask someone who works there if they have one in their personal office or locker; always be respectful!

Misconduct can also occur outside the office after hours. Those who use or sell drugs, drink or fight in public or leak confidential information are engaging in gross misconduct. This type of misconduct can especially be damaging to you or your company if the offender is an executive or holds a prominent position in the organization.

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