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Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey-based Private Investigator Firm, is the go-to agency when other Private Investigators need complicated background research conducted. Although Cowan Investigations is a New Jersey Private Investigator Firm, we serve clients all across America. Our clients have told us they have a need for more than the standard high-price background search conducted by most private investigators. Clients have related to us that they are tired of receiving substandard and unreliable background searches provided by most private investigators utilizing cheap, undependable informational platforms, which maximize the private investigator firm’s profits while diminishing its results.

Thomson Reuters Clear Risk & Fraud Solutions Background Platform

Cowan Investigations is one of the few private investigator agencies to invest in attaining the services of the world-renowned “Thomson Reuters Clear Risk & Fraud Solutions” Background Platform. In order to be permitted onto the Clear Background Search Platform, a private investigator must demonstrate it has proper security provisions in place to protect the sensitive information available on the powerful investigative platform. Not only has Cowan Investigations invested in the best background platform available in the world, our private investigator firm has also retained Matt Del Rosario  a highly decorated New York City Police Detective 1st Grade, as the Director of our background inquiry and analysis department.

New York Police Department 1st Grade Detective Matt Del Rosario (Ret) is a dedicated veteran law enforcement professional with nearly thirty years of law enforcement experience. Detective Del Rosario (Ret) demonstrated success for twenty-six years as a detective in the narcotics and auto crime divisions and the Drug Enforcement Task Force.  Det Rosario (Ret) ran investigations and all manners of “connecting the dots” background inquiries in a multitude of high- and low-profile investigations, such as:

  • Money Laundering
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Complex Phone Record Analysis
  • Skip Tracing for The Location Of Suspects and Witnesses
  • Witness Backgrounds
  • Suspect Back Grounds
  • Vehicle Tracing and Identification
  • Social Media Analysis Through Open-Source Methods
  • Data Analysis

Comprehensive Background investigations are essential for a myriad of situations including protecting the health, welfare, and rights of children.

Cases that will often require a background investigation include:

The necessity of a background investigation arises often.

Don’t be fooled by the plethora of “cheap” background checks offered online. Remember, you get what you pay for. The experienced and competent New Jersey background investigators here at Cowan Investigations have resources that are only available to NJ private investigators, which will get you the information you are looking for.

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Smart Individuals and businesses always conduct due diligence background inquiries on those they consider being involved in a financial venture or personal relationship with others. Our private Investigator firm has the ability to conduct due diligence investigations on our “Thomson Reuters Clear Risk & Fraud Solutions” Background Platform, enabling us to see up-to-date data integrated into people and business information in one view. Cowan Investigations will be able to obtain an overview of a person or business, we will quickly be able to do the following on our intelligence platform:

  • Classify and understand risks associated with a person or business
  • Search the World Wide Web for online personal and business references including but not limited to social networks, blogs and watchlists
  • Quickly access news data, including filtering data in order to quickly see news results which contain negative sentiments of your target
  • Plot out all known addresses associated with a search subject with Google Maps, this will enable our background department to put together a geographical representation of a person or business
  • Visualize business connections within an organization


 The Cowan Investigations, “Thomson Reuters Clear Risk & Fraud Solutions” Background Platform is armed with a powerful tool that streamlines identity verification. Cowan Investigations is able to obtain updated information from top credit agencies, phone records, corporate filings, FEIN and OFAC, international registers and more. Databases

 Our confirmation of identity process compares information either we receive from the client or obtain on our own with data on the CLEAR PLATFORM. The information entered is compared against mountains of continuously updated public and proprietary data in order to confirm the identity a person provides is in fact valid. Our data platform will clearly provide which data source has what information on our subject of interest providing us the underlying content that drove the identification verification.

If you need to conduct a background check on an individual with whom you have either a romantic or platonic relationship, you need to do due diligence in retaining the services of a background investigator who is truly professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Cowan Investigations provides services that are thorough, expertly done, and firmly within the boundaries of New Jersey law, allowing you to know the history of the person in question and giving you the peace of mind you need to move forward with your life.

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Cowan Investigations proudly serves private citizens across New Jersey, including Middlesex, Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer, and Bergen Counties of NJ. If you’re looking for a  Contact Us Today To Get Started. We specialize in background checks.

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