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As a local private investigation agency, Cowan Investigations works to reveal the truth surrounding your most urgent questions. Our private investigators provide the Upper Freehold, NJ area with discreet and professional detective services. As former New Jersey law enforcement, our private investigators have decades of experience unraveling mysteries, gathering evidence, and illuminating the hidden details that tell a larger story. Confidentiality is central to our private investigation services in Upper Freehold, NJ. Clients can trust our careful approach to keep our investigation and your identity a secret.

Private Investigators can greatly influence a court case by helping with discovery and evidence. If a win in court is paramount to you, then you need Cowan Investigations on your side for support. Our professionals are fully licensed and bonded to operate legally in the state of New Jersey, especially Upper Freehold. We are members of the New Jersey Private Investigators Association, and our business helps many practicing lawyers with litigation support, along with background and asset searches and checks for whoever needs our services the most.

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Litigation Support Services for Upper Freehold, NJ.

Litigation Support Services for Upper Freehold, NJ.

Most of our private investigators in Upper Freehold, NJ, have a substantial history working in law enforcement, giving us the upper hand when navigating court cases. Our private detective services extend to litigation support. If you are pursuing legal action in Upper Freehold, NJ, Cowan Investigations will assist in obtaining concrete evidence to support your litigation. We work closely with attorneys to understand the details of your case and develop an investigative strategy that aligns with your needs. 

Private Investigative Services for Background Checks in Upper Freehold, NJ.

Private Investigative Services for Background Checks in Upper Freehold, NJ.

Cowan Investigations offers background check services for businesses in Upper Freehold, NJ. Through this service, we help to uncover proof of fraud, malpractice, and evidence of privacy breaches. If you suspect your employees of any wrongdoings or violations of your company’s policies, our Upper Freehold private detectives will conduct a thorough investigation to be used when seeking legal intervention. By utilizing our high-tech computer forensics, our expert private investigators can cover the data you need for your investigation and help you keep your  Upper Freehold business prosperous.

Private & Discreet Asset Search Service in Upper Freehold, NJ

Martial Investigation Services in Upper Freehold, NJ

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that requires honesty and open communication between both partners. Violations of trust through infidelity can sever that bond. Our agency provides infidelity investigations in Upper Freehold, NJ, to help determine whether your spouse is cheating.

Our team also offers asset searches and cohabitation investigation services in Upper Freehold, providing you with the evidence you need to refute alimony and secure rightful assets after a divorce.

Client Testimonials

If you find yourself in need of a PI, I can assure you that retaining Cowan Investigations is 100% the right choice. Bob and his wife Liz worked tirelessly to assist me with a very challenging situation and ultimately were able to exceed my highest expectations in terms of obtaining evidence. I truly cannot thank them enough for the level of care and professionalism they brought to my case.

Bob and his team were great to work with. Extremely responsive and helpful, and really seemed to know what they were doing. They were able to obtain evidence for my pending financial support case that demonstrated my ex-wife was physically fit for work contrary to her claims of various “health issues” preventing her employment. I would definitely hire Cowan Investigations again if I ever need a private investigator in the future.

The best private investigators in Upper Freehold, NJ

The best private investigators in Upper Freehold, NJ

Cowan Investigations prides itself on the quality of our Upper Freehold, NJ, Private Investigators. Unlike other NJ Private Detective Firms in Upper Freehold, Cowan Investigations proudly displays the biographies and photographs of our private detectives on our website. If you view most other NJ Private Detective firms’ websites, you will quickly note those websites only contain stock photographs of Sherlock Holmes Hats, magnifying glasses, or other stock photos. Also, unlike other NJ Private Detective Firms who choose catchy names for their NJ Private Detective Agencies, Mr. Cowan proudly displays his name. When former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan created Cowan Investigations, he believed that secrets should be kept from only those we are investigating, not those we are working for. Read more about Bob Cowan.

Counter Surveillance Services in Upper Freehold, NJ

With our counter surveillance services in Upper Freehold, NJ, we perform bug sweeps and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) to detect unwanted surveillance. Through this service, we can discover and disarm hidden audio devices, hidden video devices, telephone wiring, hidden GPS trackers, and transmitters. If you suspect the presence of spyware on your cell phone, our computer forensic expert, Michael Mancuso, can verify your concerns. Whether you are trying to protect your business from corporate espionage or safeguard your personal privacy, our Upper Freehold private investigators can ensure your bases are covered. Contact us today to begin discussing your concerns with one of our local detectives.

How Do Private Investigators Get Information?

Throughout an investigation, our private investigators in Upper Freehold, NJ, commonly employ several strategies to obtain information. We strategize our approach on a case-by-case basis, assessing what techniques are most applicable to your situation. Marital investigations, for example, frequently require surveillance to catch cheating spouses or prove cohabitation. Depending on the circumstances of your case, certain techniques may be infeasible or risk exposure. Our Upper Freehold private investigators are highly adaptable, working around any roadblocks as they arise to ensure the investigation goes unnoticed. Beyond surveillance, some of our most typical private investigation services in Upper Freehold, NJ, include computer forensics, document retrieval, asset location, and background checks.

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