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Matthew M. Del Rosario

Senior Investigator

Matthew M. Del Rosario

New York Police Department 1st Grade Detective Matt Del Rosario (Ret) is a dedicated veteran law enforcement professional with nearly thirty-years in law enforcement experience in the world-renowned New York City Police Department (NYPD). 1st Grade Detective Del Rosario (Ret) demonstrated success for twenty-six years as a detective in the narcotics and auto crime divisions as well as Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Doctor and nurse practitioner among three defendants charged in Manhattan federal court for oxycodone and fentanyl diversion scheme

Detective Del Rosario has extensive experience in conducting investigations focusing on narcotics trafficking, vehicle theft, insurance fraud, including financial crimes as well as investigative experience focusing on money laundering components. Detective Del Rosario’s work in New York City resulted in over 700 arrests. Detective Del Rosario (Ret) displays expert competency in diversion investigations dealing with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registrants (doctors and pharmacists) and pharmaceutical opioid trafficking, resulting in several high profile street-level arrests.

Detective Del Rosario (Ret) is proficient in all manners of investigation and possesses investigative intuition, superior writing skills and he is highly experienced in the taking of witness/victim statements. In the field Detective Del Rosario (Ret) is a street smart and proficient investigator in the obtaining of accurate, useful and relevant information. Detective Del Rosario (Ret) is proficient in the accessing of data and information from open-source internet platforms. Detective Del Rosario was not a Monday Through Friday administrative pencil pusher, he was a street cop, working real cases gaining valuable knowledge, skills and abilities during his thirty-year career in the New York City, the largest police department in the United States.

Matthew M Del Rosario Headshot, Criminal Investigations Team

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Full Bio

NYPD 1st Grade Detective – Detective Del Rosario was a member of the Drug Enforcement Administration Joint Task Force 2012- 2020

Part of the Tactical Diversion Squad, a specialized team that investigated DEA registrants. Investigated organizations and individuals who diverted, manufactured, and distributed narcotics in New York City and those who attempted to transport narcotics and illegal substances. Prevented narcotics trafficking operations and dissolved organizations related to narcotics trafficking. Enforced controlled substance and money laundering laws by apprehending offenders for prosecution of criminal and civil crimes.

NYPD 2nd Grade Detective – Brooklyn South Narcotics 2007-2012

Investigated narcotics-related crimes, including drug trafficking, drug possession, and enforced federal, state, and local narcotics laws. Collected and used forensic evidence to solve crimes; interviewed informants, suspects, and witnesses to ascertain possible additional suspects, clues, alibies, and time frames for suspected crimes.

Detective Del Rosario’s Core Competencies include

  • Written Communication
  • Law Enforcement
  • Investigative Techniques
  • Strategic Planning
  • Federal, State, and Local Laws
  • Risk Analysis
  • Subpoena Compliance & Court Testimony
  • Report Writing
  • Wiretapping
  • Firearm Safety & Use
  • Crime Scenes & Evidence Collection
  • Research & Data Analysis

Detective Del Rosario’s Media

Detective Del Rosario’s Accomplishments, Education, and Development

⦁ Successfully investigated and prosecuted 17 DEA registrants, several oxycodone traffickers, narcotics, fentanyl, analogue substance, and synthetic cannabinoid traffickers using wiretaps, electronic surveillance, court orders, subpoenas, and informants.
⦁ Stopped and prevented the illegal flow of millions of pills of oxycodone, prescription narcotics, traditional narcotics and analogue substances. Lawfully seized several million dollars of unreported U.S. currency, personal property, unregistered firearms, and large quantities of prescription and analogue substances during the course of investigating and apprehending narcotics and controlled substance traffickers. J
⦁ Led hundreds of successful buy and bust enforcement operations, major case investigations, and 1st registrant long-term case.
⦁ Apprehended targets, made numerous arrests and seizures of illegal cash, narcotics, and other illicit substances.
⦁ Worked with District Attorneys and U.S. Attorneys to prosecute narcotics traffickers at the state and federal levels.

3rd Grade Detective – Auto Crime Division, Manhattan South Narcotics.

Police Officer – Manhattan South Narcotics, Midtown Precinct South & Housing Police Department

40 Credits Earned – Middlesex County College

34 Credits Earned – NYPD – Excelsior College Transcript

New York Police Department Training

  • Police Academy
  • HIDTA Training
  • Cult Occult Training
  • Advanced Narcotics Investigation Course
  • Criminal Investigation Course
  • Auto Crime Training
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation Module
  • Counter Terrorism Training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Safe Driver Training
  • Detective Bureau Training

Drug Enforcement Administration Training

  • Diversion Investigation Course
  • Task Force Officer Training
  • Vehicle Stop Training
  • Criminal Pharmaceutical Undercover Training
  • Regional Diversion Specialized Training
  • PLX Phone Analysis Training
  • Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC) Module Training – Cargo Theft

Successful Investigation and Prosecution of Dr. David Taylor – U.S. Attorney’s Office

National Insurance Crime Bureau Award – Awarded by multiple bureau insurance companies in recognition of assistance with medical insurance fraud investigations and enforcement.

Exemplary Commitment to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) – OCDETF

This federal program provides special funding when investigations involve multiple agencies working together at the federal, state, and local levels. The Tactical Diversion Squad received the award for working and coordinating with multiple agencies.

2nd and 1st Grade Detective – New York Police Department

2nd and 1st grade detective promotions are discretionary promotions given to detectives in recognition of the quality level of work and experience, with only several hundred 1st grade detectives in the NYPD, out of nearly 35,000 police officers.

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