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When Is It Time To Hire A Private Investigator For Your Alimony Case?

Bob Cowan - Owner of Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey Private Investigator

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Divorce and the resulting alimony that can accompany it are generally contentious experiences. This means that many times, former spouses can turn into enemies, and as a result of this dynamic, they can begin to hide crucial information, withhold finances, or even threaten the family’s well-being.

If you’re questioning any of these aspects form your former spouse, then it may be time to call in a private investigator. And at Cowan Investigations, we can help. We’re the expert alimony investigators serving Monmouth County, NJ, providing professional and discreet investigation services. Let’s take a look at when and why you need a private investigator for your alimony case.

Possible Hidden Assets

During the process of a divorce or even later on down the line, a spouse can try to illegally hide assets in an attempt to protect them from the divorce proceedings, and ultimately, the alimony payments. This can be especially true for cases where one spouse handled most of the financial decisions in the marriage. This can also happen when one of the spouses tries to spend down the finances of their marital estate.

There’s no relationship limit to the extent that these spouses will go to attempt to hide their assets and shield them from alimony payments. This can include anything from moving funds offshore to hiding personal property at storage facilities and even selling off their property at a discount, then reclaiming it after the divorce hearing.

Where private investigators fit into this is that they have a wealth of resources to look through to find these hidden assets. PIs will scour a variety of databases, SEC filings, Secretary of State filings, and more to ascertain if any undisclosed personal documents or business assets exist. Additionally, PIs can also locate charges, transactions, and other proof of hidden assets. This allows family court lawyers to ensure their clients get a fair share.

Suspicion of Adultery

Marital misconduct such as adultery can also be investigated by a PI. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, then it may be for a good reason. With an adultery investigation, if marital misconduct can be proven, it can help to provide favorable terms for the non-cheating spouse under the terms of a prenuptial contract or other agreement.

In cases where one of the spouses was abused, a PI can also investigate this and provide evidence to help the spouse seek a restraining order, bolster child custody efforts, and even affect the payment of legal fees in some situations.

Other Questionable Activities

When they’re expecting to have to pay support or alimony, a spouse can even attempt to make their earnings look lower. This can range from using their boss to delay bonuses, taking a temporary cut in hours to decrease earnings, working “off the books,” and more. And if they own a business, it’s possible they’d even take steps to reduce its value by taking on additional debts and delaying the collection of debts owed to them. Through intensive surveillance, the meticulous analyzing of documents and other information, and other tactics, private investigators can help to unravel these schemes and uncover the truth for their clients.

For more information or to hire an alimony investigator in Mercer County, NJ, call Cowan investigations today at 732 837 8444 and to schedule a free consultation.

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