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Hire an Alimony Investigator in NJ with the Right Credentials

As a parent, Bob Cowan of Cowan Investigations understands that the safety of your children is paramount. If your children are currently in the custody of your ex-spouse whom you know or suspect is cohabiting with a new partner, you need to know the new partner’s background.

In his professional experience as the former Chief of Police of Jersey City, and with nearly thirty-five years of law enforcement experience, Bob has frequently seen how unseemly individuals will seek romantic relationships with those who are already parents in order to gain access to their children. On your part, it is vital for you to know whether or not your ex’s new partner has:

  • A criminal record of any kind
  • A history of violence, domestic or otherwise
  • A history of alcohol or drug abuse

You no longer have to sit back and be the victim of paying fraudulent Alimony Payments worry worrying about your children!!! Call Cowan Investigations and if feasible we will deploy long term 24/7 Private Investigator Concealed Cameras to track activity act the Subjects Home. The potential for the collection of voluminous amounts of damning evidence of cohabitation is possible!!! Re; the attached link (Hidden Camera Cohabitation Investigation)

As a New Jersey alimony investigator, Cowan strongly advises that you should explore the background of your ex’s new partner to determine whether they pose a threat to your children.

Quite often, there is a lack of information to provide to the NJ alimony investigator. In many instances a limited amount of information on the target of the cohabitation investigation is available. This is so because the client no longer has knowledge of the inner workings of the alimony recipient’s daily routine. The only information the payer of alimony may be able to provide is the information shared by old friends, neighbors and relatives. Sometimes information may even be gleaned from the children of the marriage.

With regard to the children of the marriage, as a New Jersey alimony investigator, former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan strongly advises that during a cohabitation investigation, you also explore the background of your ex’s new partner to determine whether they pose a threat to your children.

Continue below to learn about more about what Bob Cowan of Cowan Investigations can do for you and your alimony investigation.

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Cowan Investigations is proud to serve residents across New Jersey, including those in Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer, Middlesex Counties and Bergen County. He also offers expert services for those seeking a/an:

The Purpose and Process of an Alimony Investigation

Your foremost concern should be the children; is an undesirable cohabiting with your ex?

Retaining the services of a highly knowledgeable and experienced alimony investigator can help you obtain the hard evidence you need to prove, in a court of law, that your ex’s new partner is a hazard to your children. As a preliminary to the investigation, it will be essential for the alimony investigator to gather as much intelligence as possible on the ex-spouse from the client. Though this may sound obvious for some, a surprisingly large number of clients will initially resist sharing this critical pre-investigation intelligence because they think some details are insignificant when they may actually help.

Although you and your ex-spouse are no longer together, you may still possess knowledge of critical details that can prove vital to your case. Your alimony investigator will conduct a detailed interview with you concerning:

  • Your ex-spouse’s workplace
  • Habits and hobbies
  • Preferred restaurant and stores
  • Doctor and therapy appointments
  • Other pertinent information

By gathering all or even a small part of this investigatory intelligence prior to the investigation, your private alimony investigator will begin to create a clear picture of the subject’s routine and whereabouts, which can be key to collecting information on the new partner and building a case of cohabitation.

If possible, it is also important to obtain recent photographs of the subject and any other relevant individuals, as well as detailed descriptions of vehicles they may operate along with license plate numbers. This intelligence, together with a search of public records and other databases, will help save precious time and provide the client with a more cost-effective investigation.

As the investigation develops and more information is acquired, the person who is cohabiting or suspected of cohabiting with your ex will be identified, and a battery of background checks should identify any historical records that may indicate he/she is a danger to your children. Understandably, alimony investigations frequently evolve into child custody cases as well.

Our Expert Alimony Investigators Will Work with Your Lawyer

The most important thing an alimony investigator can provide your attorney is enough legally obtained evidence to provide the elements of a prima facie* case, giving your attorney the information statements they need to win your case.

Ed Weinstein, a prominent NJ family law attorney operating in East Brunswick, wrote a very succinct article on this very point, explaining that the first step to a successful alimony case is bringing prime facie evidence to the New Jersey Family Court to be able to proceed to the next step. Mr. Weinstein’s article is linked below, and Cowan Investigations recommends it as required reading for anyone considering filing an alimony case in New Jersey Family Court.

With more than thirty-five years of law enforcement background, Bob possesses an enormous understanding of how evidence can be legally obtained and under what circumstances. Do not spend a substantial amount of money on an investigation, only to have the evidence thrown out of court because an inexperienced private investigator obtained it improperly.

*Prima facie” is a Latin term literally meaning “on its face,” and is a fact presumed to be true unless disproved. Prima facie proof is grounded on first impression, and is accepted as correct until proved otherwise. For the majority of civil actions, the individual bringing forth the claim must present a prima facie case to avoid dismissal. This is because the burden of persuading a judge or jury always rests with the plaintiff.

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Cowan Investigations is proud to provide their services to residents living in all of New Jersey, including, but not limited to Bergen, Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer, and Middlesex Counties. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cowan Investigations today for a free, 30-minute, and completely confidential phone consultation.[/expand]

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