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Hiring A Private Investigator For A Cheating Spouse

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If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, the decision to hire a private investigator is not one that should be taken lightly. As private investigators in Bergen County, our primary goal is to uncover the truth — regardless of how ugly it may be. For instance, in countless cases, the cheating spouse has been deceptive about the affair for many months or even years. And many times, the lies can be so complex and multi-layered that they may have the non-cheating spouse questioning their own sanity and wondering whether or not they are imagining it.

There’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s by hiring a professional and experienced private investigator to help. At Cowan Investigations, we’re not just the trusted alimony investigators serving Monmouth County, NJ, but we also perform cheating spouse investigations for our clients throughout the region. We understand that if you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you may have some reservations and inquiries about the process. So, let’s take a look at some of the most essential information with this list of frequently asked questions.

I’m Uncomfortable and Embarrassed Talking About This. Can I Expect Confidentiality?

At Cowan Investigations, your privacy is one of our utmost concerns. Everything from your free 30-minute consultation to the results of your cheating spouse investigation is treated with discretion and confidentiality. In fact, we’re so dedicated to your trust, we even maintain your privacy once the investigation is complete.

What Method(s) Will You Use to Catch My Cheating Spouse?

The majority of our cheating spouse investigations involve surveillance and observation. We can’t break the law like some of the characters you might see on TV or in films. However, Bob Cowan draws his expert surveillance tactics and strategies from his decades of history in law enforcement, including being the Chief of Police of Jersey City, NJ.

What Kind of Proof Will You Provide For Me?

Upon the conclusion of your domestic cheating spouse investigation, you’ll be presented with visual evidence either confirming or refuting your claims. Through our surveillance, we will provide you with not only video and photographs, but we will also give you a surveillance report which will detail all the spouse’s observed activities in writing.

What if I Am Wrong About My Cheating Spouse?

If we don’t find any evidence that your spouse has been cheating, then you gain confidence and peace of mind moving forward with the relationship. And since we’re committed to confidentiality, privacy, and discretion, then you can ensure that your spouse will never know you suspected them of deception.

Do you have more questions about your cheating spouse or what an investigation entails? We can offer you a free 30-minute consultation to help you understand the process and how we can help.

For more information on cheating spouse investigations, our 30-minute consultation, or if you need to hire a background investigator in Mercer County, NJ, then contact us today.

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