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Why You Should Hire A Local Private Investigator

Bob Cowan - Owner of Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey Private Investigator

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Whether you suspect your spouse of infidelity or you’re a business looking to handle a case of employee misconduct, it’s clear that you need to hire a professional private investigator with experience. But why should you hire a local private investigator?

At Cowan Investigations, led by former Jersey City Chief of Police Bob Cowan, we’re proud to be the local private investigators serving residents throughout Middlesex County, NJ, as well as Bergen, Mercer, and Monmouth Counties. Regardless if you’re a private individual, small business, or other organization, it’s best to seek the experience, knowledge, and skill of a local PI to handle your investigation. Here’s why:

Thorough Knowledge of New Jersey Legal and Civil Laws

Many private investigations can potentially lead to court proceedings. As local private investigators, Bob Cowan and his team are trained to collect evidence in a way that won’t violate the law or the rules of the courts in the State of New Jersey. Additionally, we understand precisely how these laws apply to our investigations.

This goes for not only criminal law, but civil law as well. These two entities have their own distinct sets of rules and procedures, all of which can vary from state to state and have a significant impact on the outcome of a case.

Ties to Local Law Enforcement

As the former Chief of Police of the Jersey City Police Department, Bob Cowan not only oversaw all criminal investigations for the second-largest law enforcement agency in New Jersey, but he also worked closely with other local and state law enforcement agencies to provide assistance with their investigations as well.

After 35 years of history and service in New Jersey law enforcement, Bob has developed working relationships with law enforcement officers from many different local departments, creating a network of colleagues across the state.

Relationship with Local Communities

Bob Cowan doesn’t just have professional ties to the state of New Jersey; he has personal ties to the community as well. A lifelong resident of the state, Bob has lived in Hudson, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties, and he is thoroughly familiar with all areas of the state.

Over the years, Mr. Cowan has built and fostered close relationships with not only the communities he’s lived in, but also the one he’s served in as an officer of the law, providing attention to public safety and even leading community outreach efforts.

With the same commitment he showed to the residents of New Jersey while on the force and using his expertise as a local PI, Bob Cowan will treat your investigation with the urgency, professionalism, and full confidentiality it deserves.

For more information or to hire a private investigator in Middlesex County, NJ, or Bergen, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties, call Cowan Investigations today at 732 837 8444.

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