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Two Private Investigators Best For Cheating Spouse Investigations In New Jersey

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Case Study: Why a private investigator recommends two or more private investigators be assigned to a Cheating Spouse Investigation.

There is not much difference in the tactics a private detective employs when conducting Cheating Spouse Investigations, regardless of the jurisdiction. When an NJ Cheating Spouse Investigator conducts a Cheating Spouse Investigation, the methods used Should Have more similarities than differences. A primary strategy a private investigator should implement is using two private investigators and two surveillance vehicles during cheating spouse investigations.

Certainly, the circumstances are different if a client tells a private investigator that he/she knows where and when infidelity will occur. For instance, if a private detective knows, based on information provided by her client, that their spouse would show up at a certain motel at a certain time, it should be good to go to deploy with one private investigator. At that point, the private detective should arrive one hour before the expected arrival of the cheating spouse and his/her lover. It is important for a private investigator to arrive earlier for several reasons, primarily to set up in the area to cover the expected arrival of the cheating spouse and their lover. A secondary reason for arriving early, but nonetheless very important, is the private detective needs to account for potential early arrival. In any event, often, one private detective will suffice.

However, what I have outlined in the previous paragraph IS NOT A HARD AND FAST RULE; the staffing of a particular investigation must leave room for adjustment. Our private detective agency has often had to staff infidelity investigations with up to five investigators. By way of example, our private investigator firm had a job in which the objective was to capture a male subject flying into Newark International airport and expecting to be deplaning with an unknown female. Our client was of the belief that her husband was flying into New Jersey from Houston, Texas, with a female he was having an affair with. This was a very expensive investigation with the use of five investigators. However, it was also very successful.

Could the NJ Private Investigation at the airport have been done with less than five private investigators?

Sure, the NJ Private Investigation would be expensive, but the client insisted she has a video of her husband deplaning. It is important that an NJ Private Detective Firm works within the constraints of a client’s budget if it conforms to the Private Investigator Firms Policies. In this airport case, the client had a large budget for this project. The client figured her husband would feel safe in his adulterous relationship behind security lines in an airport over thirteen hundred miles away. It cost the client the price of an airline ticket for one of our NJ Private Investigators to get into the airport and beyond security to get the surveillance perch she wanted.

We were able to get evidence of a romantic relationship almost immediately after the subject deplaned, holding hands with a significantly younger woman. The couple walked to the exit to the terminal holding hands, both wearing luggage-type backpacks. Now, the client had wanted more than just the couple holding hands; she wanted her husband followed for the three days he would be in the New York Metropolitan Area. It is noteworthy that after our client was advised in real-time, we had a clear video of her husband holding hands with a young woman she chose to keep the investigation going. Many clients might have shut our investigation down because, in their minds, the holding would have been enough.

From a staffing perspective, due to the layout of the airport terminal, it was important to have investigators at three key exits at which feed persons deplaning are funneled in order to get to the exits or baggage claim. A fourth private investigator was assigned to a vehicle outside the terminal if the subject did not take the car service we had been told he would.

Upon the subject meeting the car service at the luggage area, all or three of our private investigators high-tailed it to a large hotel where the client suspected he might stay. Two of our private investigators followed the couple in the car service vehicle. The car service vehicle was followed to another hotel about twenty miles north of the hotel, where the client believed her husband would be staying for work. The same hotel where we now had three of our Private Investigators at. This in and of itself is a good example of why proper staffing and deployment of an investigation is critical to achieving success.

To encapsulate the Infidelity Investigation, we kept two Private Detectives surveilling the hotel for the entirety of the three days. Our Private Investigators followed the couple into New York, where they were observed as attending a play. Afterward, the couple had dinner; all of this was captured by photographs and video, including a deep and lengthy kiss the couple shared in the middle of Times Square. One thing we were unable to capture was the work meetings our client’s husband represented he would be allegedly attending.

The objective of our NJ Cheating Spouse Private Detective to provide irrefutable evidence was achieved in this example case.

Regarding the Infidelity Investigation Cited Above, I Am Concerned that the NJ Private Investigator is trying to run up my bill?

Any experienced private detective will recommend using at least two private detectives in all cheating spouse investigations where it is expected to be mobile or pedestrian surveillance. Of course, a private investigator agency will make more money with two private investigators, but that is not the purpose of the recommendation. For instance, if the client is reasonably certain that the subject of the investigation will appear at a certain hotel, our NJ Private Detective Firm would require only one investigator if the nature of the hotel was such that it could be surveilled adequately.

On intake of our Infidelity Investigations, we often find out that the client had hired one investigator who lost the subject almost at the beginning of the surveillance. As a professional NJ Private Investigator and a retired thirty-five-year law enforcement career behind me, our NJ Private Detective firm REQUIRES the use of two NJ Private Investigators for any private investigation involving pedestrian or vehicle moving surveillance. Not to say that these two “private detective” policies will ensure success, but they will improve chances of success for a multitude of reasons. Amongst those reasons are the use of “best practice” procedures, such as;

  • The following distance of vehicles- The distance that needs to be maintained between the surveillance vehicle and the subject vehicle is determined by many factors.
    • a. The amount of traffic in the area, both vehicle and pedestrian,
    • b. The nature of the area; is it rural, suburban, or urban.’
    • c. The weather
  • Find a “Marker” on the subject vehicle- Find a distinctive bumper sticker, window sticker, dent, or any other marking on the vehicle which permits identification of the vehicle after the surveillance gets going. For instance, imagine a vehicle had a large “NJ Devils” bumper sticker on the trunk of the vehicle. This could be helpful if you see a vehicle turning but are not quite sure because of the traffic. Also, imagine you lose sight of a vehicle in a large mall. You and your partner could scan the row of parked cars with an eye out for the distinctive red bumper sticker.
  • Major intersections, traffic lights, bridges, and toll roads, are all important obstacles to be aware of when conducting mobile surveillance. If you observe any of these obstacles, you and your surveillance partner must close the distance on the subject vehicle, so you do not get stuck at a lengthy traffic light or other obstacles

The above is not an exclusive list as to why two private investigators are best practice for inquiries which will require mobile surveillance.

I want to add a cautionary note, be alert when a private detective will only do a single private detective surveillance during an investigation that involves moving vehicles. Oftentimes, private detectives that agree to this one private investigator surveillance are one-horse operations. These Private detectives are normally ill-equipped, hungry to do anything for any price, and they truly do not care if they are successful. I strongly advise you to do two things:

  1. Look to see if the private investigator has a professional website, with pictures of his/her employees prominently displayed with an accompanying background on each employee.
  2. Ensure that whatever private investigator you choose does not sub-contract your investigation to another private investigator. Sub-Contracting is the dirty little secret of the private detective industry. One private investigator gets retained for the investigation and then essentially sells it to another private detective.

In closing, I hope this article has been helpful in properly assessing whether or not to hire a private detective firm. The first rule is do not go for the cheapest; strive to obtain the best. Ask the private investigator straight up if he would do a mobile vehicle surveillance by himself. If the private investigator agrees, do not walk away; run away. The private detective is giving you bad advice. Keep this rule in mind; cheaper is not always better; it is often a prelude to failure. Have the private investigator you interview to present a plan to you on how he/she will approach your investigation.

I hope this article will be helpful; good luck as you progress in your private investigation. If you’re considering a cheating spouse investigator in New Jersey, call us at 732-837-8444 for a case review or fill out our contact form here.

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