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Work With a New Jersey Private Investigator You Can Trust, Contact Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan For A free 30 minute consultation.

Jersey Journal Reporter Terrence McDonald:

Cowan, 53, who started with the department in December 1979, is a “very hard worker” who has worked mostly patrol his entire career, according to one police source. Cowan was Promoted to deputy chief in December 2012.


Jersey City City Mayor Steven Fulop swearing in former Chief Robert Cowan as the 39th Jersey City Police Chief on October 1, 2013.

Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan Discusses The Validity Of Testimonials Or Lack Thereof


5 Star Google Review (September 2017)

I engaged Robert Cowan to conduct an investigation to document my ex-wife’s cohabitation for the purpose of filing a motion with the family court to terminate permanent alimony. Mr. Cowan formulated and executed a comprehensive investigative plan, which included: social media analysis, background research, early morning and late evening camera and video surveillance conducted in a difficult-to-access rural setting, vehicle registration searches, refuse and recycling pulls, vehicle sighting reports, and even a visit with my ex-wife under the guise of a potential customer responding to a Craig’s list ad. All of these activities were professionally conducted with an acute awareness and strict adherence to admissibility of evidence rules. Mr. Cowan summarized all his findings in concise reports that included photographs and videos of his activities. I highly recommend Robert Cowan to lead your investigation. He was so much more than a hired expert. He was my partner in the legal search for the truth….and his determination to WIN “our” case could not have been greater!

Thank you,
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5 Star Google Review (December 2017)

Absolutely precise, professional, and excellent detective. Bob is friendly and super efficient in everything he does. There is NO BETTER than Cowan Investigations. He is worth every penny and some. If you need private detective work done, this is the man you want. Our co habitation case was proven, still pending court, but still proven on paper ! Thanks a million to Cowan Investigations.

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I had recently contacted several private eyes in order to explore my options in a complicated Child Custody matter. I was totally unimpressed with the Investigators I had spoken to because they didn’t seem to have a grasp of the legal issues involved. This was the case until I talked with Bob Cowan. Bob seemed to be genuinely concerned asking what I thought were all the right questions concerning my relationship with my children and ex-wife. Bob was extremely familiar with domestic violence laws, restraining orders and police interventions in family situations including dealing with DYFS. I have yet to retain Bob but I know if I need an investigator it is going to be him, he spent well over an hour on the phone with me leaving me feeling so much more informed of many of the legal issues.

Roger C



I so much appreciate what you and the team did for my mom. The pictures and video you got from surveillance were a gold mine. I’m surprised and kind of have to laugh at how you were able to get frontal shot of them in your surveillance. Also how you were able to tail them for so many miles without being picked up was remarkable. Aside from the actual work, what separates you in my opinion from the rest is your honesty. You gave us realistic expectations, and we’re upfront and truthful about things that you didn’t have to tell us. Your team is good inside and out. This was very emotional for my mom and you gave her the ability to start a new chapter in her life and heal from what could have been certain misery. Please forward my appreciation to Pete and Liz as well.

Mike W.



Dear Bob, Liz and Pete,

I could not have finished my case without your top notch investigative services. You were able to find someone who has virtually fallen off the face of the earth, and you not only found him, you and Pete tailed him, and stayed on him. You found everyone he surrounds himself with.

Having done this in the very short amount of time was amazing.
All of this information will help my attorney finish my case.
Your service was beyond my expectations.


Thank you again….



Dear Bob and Liz,

Thank you both and Pete for all of your hard work, concern, and professionalism with my case. You found and documented an incredible amount of information within three days of work–you are really remarkable investigators. You did an excellent job tailing him–not an easy feat in Philadelphia and South Jersey. I appreciate that Liz was in constant communication with me and kept me apprised of what was happening during Bob’s field investigation. The photos and video were difficult to look at but they were undeniable–you had uncovered the devastating truth that someone I had known, cared for, respected, and loved for 17 years was leading a double life and had been lying to me repeatedly for a year and a half.

From my initial consultation with Liz, I felt that you genuinely cared about me and had my back throughout the investigation, and even after it concluded. As you know, this was a complicated relationship and heartbreaking situation for me and I felt supported by you and not judged. None of us expected the outrageous and sordid facts that were revealed during the investigation but I’m so grateful to know the truth, even as painful as it is. As Bob noted, the case “was one for the annals”.

-Mary L.


5 Star Google Review (November 2018)

Bob is one of the most professional people I’ve ever dealt with. He really cares about the people he helps and gives his 100%. When you retain him he promises that it will be him doing the work and he means it. For my case it was necessary for his wife also a licensed PI to help. She is also very professional and knowledgeable. I’m proud to recommend Cowan Investigations.



5 Star Google Review (July 2018)

I worked with Bob Cowan for thirty years with the JCPD. Bob is an exceptionally skilled and thorough investigator. He is tenacious in following leads and getting to the heart of the matter. He is creative and circumspect in his approach to case analysis and investigation.

His Investigative reports are thorough and exceptionally well thought out. Bob has a pleasant demeanor and easily builds rapport with people. He is fair and trustworthy, two great qualities to have when seeking a private investigator.

Deputy Chief Joseph Delaney (Ret)


I hired Cowan Investigation to investigate what was going on with my child during visitation time with the other parent. There was an open DCPP case on my ex that seemed to be going nowhere and I was worried for my child’s safety. From minutes of talking with Bob, I was confident that I had the right person for the job. I knew if something was happening that he would catch it.

Bob ended up uncovering information which was totally different from the reason why DCPP was originally investigatin…

Nik Gasparin

Jan 20, 2020

Bob was very compassionate and easy to talk to. He was very professional and skillful in his investigations. I highly recommend him.

Kathryn Sheldon

Jan 20, 2020

I cannot speak enough about the dedication and perseverance that Bob displayed working on my case. He took a really complicated cohabitation case that several Investigators warned me they were uncertain that they could get the job done. Bob never doubted for a moment. He was confident and always planning strategies for the next moves ahead. He took a real personal hand-ons approach to my case and I believe it was his determination and professionalism that led to the truth being uncovered. Bob be…

Anthony C

Jan 20, 2020

I would recommend to everyone who needs answers to go straight to the experts at Cowan Investigations, don’t waste your time & money on anyone else!! From the first time I called, I was treated with kindness, respect, compassion & concern, all my questions were answered & I was asked important questions I didn’t even think of!! Liz & Bob treated me like I was their only client, they gave me alot of time & attention, called me back promptly, kept me informed o…

Janet Paduch

Jan 20, 2020

Absolutely precise, professional, and excellent detective. Bob is friendly and super efficient in everything he does. There is NO BETTER than Cowan Investigations. He is worth every penny and some. If you need private detective work done, this is the man you want. Our co habitation case was proven, still pending court, but still proven on paper ! Thanks a million to Cowan Investigations.

Sandra Formoso

Jan 20, 2020

I am a female paying alimony to my ex-husband. I initially reached out to another local investigator for documentation to support a co-habitation violation back in October. The investigator never fully listened to my needs and was rude and abrupt. The investigator delayed in responding to me for months. Every time I reached out to them, they wanted more money. Overall, I paid for unsuccessful surveillance’s, offered unethical and illegal practices, and the shoddy report consisted of 3 …

Tracy Smith

Jan 20, 2020

Before you hire an attorney for any cohabitation case, consult with Bob Cowan. He knows New Jersey cohabitation law, and knows how to “check off the boxes” of the law during his investigation, making certain you meet the burden of proof necessary to win your case. He will even advise you as to whether he believes you have a case, prior to you spending thousands of dollars hiring an attorney and filing a motion. Attorneys are hired to file motions, and many of them will tell you what …

David Grassly

Jan 20, 2020

I have worked with Bob on numerous occasions. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him.

Joseph Blaettler

Jan 20, 2020

I hired Robert about a year and a half ago. He did a professional and thorough job. He went beyond my expectations. His background in Law enforcement is invaluable. Would highly recommend Cowan Investigations!

James Hughes

Jan 20, 2020


Thank you for taking the time and listening to my personal situation and advising me on a professional and legal level regarding my personal situation. You responded professionally and in a timely manner. I would strongly advise any of my friends and co-workers in the future if they ever require a private investigation you’re the person for hire. Thank you again for helping me and guiding me through the legal process.


Denis Jonuzovski

Jan 20, 2020

We cannot thank Bob and Liz enough for helping us with a matter that was probably outside the realm of their normal practice. They were instrumental in assisting us in reaching out to an unscrupulous used car salesman. The individual wouldn’t return our calls and obviously, did not wish to be found.
Due to their tireless efforts and many phone calls, we were finally put in touch with him. With their help, the situation was fully resolved!
They handled the situation with the utmost care and profe…

Bill Schaff

Jan 20, 2020

Justin Delaney

Jan 20, 2020

On this thanksgiving day, I can say that I am very grateful for the peace of mind this detailed investigator gave me. Not only did he provide me with the truth, which set me free, he was professional , compassionate and ruthless in weeding out the lies that bound me! Yes, you can be a good person for the ones who have been wronged and have no attachment to the ones who caused you pain.
The reasons why “we” need to hire an investigator usually result from being wronged. We tend to be in a vulnerable state …

Fidel H.

Jan 20, 2020