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Steps of Alimony/Cohabitation Investigation

Bob Cowan - Owner of Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey Private Investigator

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Alimony/Cohabitation Investigation

Don’t continue paying alimony to an ex-spouse in New Jersey who is cohabiting, Cowan Investigations will obtain proof so you can prevail in Court.  Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan has been successful in providing proof for clients in cohabitation which have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are no short cuts in being successful, it takes hard work and meticulous documentation to be successful in proving cohabitation and eliminating alimony in a New Jersey Court.

  1. Cowan Investigations provides a free consultationwhile obtaining all available information on your case. Afterwards, an investigative plan and financial proposal will be provided.
  2. At the beginning of an investigation a comprehensive social media investigation will commence in a search for compelling evidence to prove elements of cohabitation.
  3. Undercover operations will be conducted should your case calls for such methods.
  4. Trash will be pulled and searched for evidence of cohabitation.
  5. If conditions permit static surveillance cameras will be deployed.
  6. Coordinated home checks will be conducted in order to provide evidence of the cohabitation.
  7. Clear, succinct, meticulous reports will be prepared with photographs integrated into the reports. New Jersey Family Courts prefer such reports which are easy to read rather than reports which are separated from photographs.

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