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New Jersey Infidelity Investigation (1)

Bob Cowan - Owner of Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey Private Investigator

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New Jersey Infidelity Investigation, How do I Begin?

Perhaps the most devastating trauma that can occur in your life is discovering your partner is cheating. A cheating spouse is a very emotionally scarring event. No-one on earth is immune to being the victim of a cheating spouse, no matter your social position. The emotions involved in being the victim of cheating in a relationship is manifested in so many harmful ways. A victim of a cheating spouse is exposed to stress, embarrassment and a host of other hurtful emotions. I have a pretty active website which I need to monitor for purposes of making business decisions. While reviewing activity on the Cowan Investigation Website I am able to see the time of day users were viewing. I am also able to discern the pages viewed (I am not able to identify users). Pages of my website most often viewed late at night or very early morning are the New Jersey Infidelity Investigation pages. I find this to be sad, the victims of cheating viewing the New Jersey Infidelity Investigation material. I imagine the hurt, loneliness and utter isolation they feel. All of this as the victims ponder the hiring of a New Jersey Private Investigator.

Do you intend that a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation exposing cheating will be cause for a better divorce settlement?

The first thing a New Jersey Private Investigator should advise you is that a cheating spouse will not often result in a better divorce settlement. If you contact a Private Investigator and he proposes conducting a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation because you will receive a “better settlement” run from this private investigator. In most instances infidelity in a relationship will not be a cause for a New Jersey Court to issue a superior marital settlement agreement.

According to Peter Van Aulen a prominent New Jersey Family law attorney wrote in his legal blog when it comes to adultery and divorce , courts will often not consider an infidelity issue when it comes to property division, unless of course, the unfaithful partner has also effected the state of the marital property, such as wasting assets, or spending too much money on the boyfriend/girlfriend. The partner in the relationship not at fault might be able to receive a slightly higher percentage of the estate to make up for the money that was wasted. In rare situations, New Jersey Courts will consider the behavior of the cheating spouse who committed adultery if it was outrageous. In an instance such as this it will be important to have a private investigator conduct a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation.

Mr. Aulen goes on to inform that a cheating spouse will not typically affect any issues of child custody in a divorce, unless there are some exceptional circumstances, issues such as if the new boyfriend or girlfriend is a sex offender, or consistently uses drugs or alcohol in the presence of the child. Of course, this is really more an issue of good parenting rather than whether someone should be punished simply for being an adulterer. With that said, this would be another example of why it would be necessary to have a private investigator conduct a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation.

Gut Instinct Is Most Often the Catalyst For A New Jersey Infidelity Investigation

As long as I have been a New Jersey Private Investigator and I received a call regarding a cheating spouse the caller always seemed to have a “gut instinct”. When the victim of the cheater was married to the cheating spouse the question is inevitable, “will it help in my divorce”. As you can see from the previous information I posted from New Jersey Lawyer Peter Van Aulen, the answer is probably not. In my business, I am very upfront in providing this information to a client when they are seeking a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation. A competent and honest New Jersey Private Investigator will be upfront with a client on the probable legal implication. Be very careful in hiring a New Jersey Private who is not one hundred percent upfront with you. There are many conscientious and honest New Jersey Private Investigators, it is important you do your due diligence.

Often, a client will provide the New Jersey Private Investigator so much information that it is quite obvious there is infidelity at play. I have taken many phone calls from potential clients who discussed commencing a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation even though there was sufficient evidence of infidelity. As a private investigator striving to run my business in an ethical way it is important I relay my impressions to the client before accepting an infidelity investigation. During an initial interview with a New Jersey Private Investigator most clients will actually discuss the existence of many of the classic signs of a cheating spouse.

When Performing Your Due Dillegence In Retaining A Private Investigator For A New Jersey Infidelity Investigation, The Interview Is Key

If you are considering retaining a private Investigator for a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation, the interview procedure is key. Keep in mind it is you who is ultimately in charge of the private investigator interview, not the other way around. The job of a qualified New Jersey Private Investigator is to listen to you while at the same time guiding you to keep on track. The information you will be providing to a private investigator your considering retaining for a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation will be deeply personal. When initially speaking with the private investigator it is important you do not provide the investigator with information that would identify you or the cheater. There is absolutely no reason a New Jersey Private Investigator would need personal identifying information before the investigator is retained. Information as to the type of area such as urban, suburban or rural is okay to provide. Information as to the type of buildings, offices, layout of the properties involved are okay to provide (without exact addresses). Again, all this particular information can be provided at the time you decide to retain the Private Investigator to perform a New Jersey Infidelity Investigation in order to uncover evidence of a cheating spouse. I have included a video below detailing the type of information you should expect to provide during an initial interview.

The author Bob Cowan specializes in New Jersey Cohabitation Investigations, Child Custody and Infidelity Investigations is a licensed New Jersey Private Investigator. Bob  is the former Chief of Jersey City Police Department.  Jersey City is the second largest municipality in New Jersey is separated from New York City by the Hudson River. Bob is a thirty-five-year veteran of the Jersey City Police Department and has been involved in a voluminous amount of investigations.  In his time as the Chief of Police Bob Coordinated and assisted in numerous investigations with agencies such as; FBI, USAG Office, DEA, US Marshalls Service, New Jersey State Attorney Generals Office, Hudson County Prosecutors Office as well many contiguous police agencies.

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