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Making the Most of Your Infidelity and Cheating Investigation

To Catch a Cheater - Cheating in a relationship

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As the leader for infidelity investigations in Mercer County, NJ, as well as in Monmouth, Ocean, and Bergen Counties, Cowan Investigations understands that suspecting a spouse or loved one of cheating can conjure feelings of betrayal and doubt. Any individuals who believe they’re the victim of adultery are advised to turn to Mr. Cowan and his team for an unbiased, thorough, and objective infidelity investigation. Additionally, Cowan Investigations recommends following these guidelines:

Don’t Tell Anyone You Hired a P.I.

It’s advised not to tell anyone that you plan on, or already have, hired a P.I. In fact, you shouldn’t even confide in anyone about your suspicions of infidelity, especially since your spouse could find out and hire a P.I. of their own to see if surveillance is taking place. This can create difficulties in gathering useful evidence for the investigation.

Avoid Asking Your Friends to Watch Your Spouse

Oftentimes, someone will ask their “friend” to keep tabs on a spouse and report any pertinent information. Avoid this at all costs, as there are trespassing and harassment laws that an average person might not understand. This can cause not only criminal charges for your “friend,” but the injured parties could also take the wanna-be investigator to court for monetary damages.

Don’t Try to Confront Your Spouse

While some people genuinely believe they can confront their spouse and try to find a way to work out their marital problems, this is not advised, as the cheating party may not be willing to work on the marriage. If this is the case, then it’s helpful to have as much evidence as possible before the confrontation takes place. Remember, it’s rare to actually catch your spouse “in the act.” The gathering of evidence is a crucial process that can’t be rushed.

At Cowan Investigations, regardless of your situation or circumstances, we always maintain 100% confidentiality for every single one of our clients. We’re committed to discretion at all times, and you can count on us to sustain your privacy throughout the entire investigative process.

If you are currently looking for a cheating spouse investigator in Monmouth County, NJ, make sure to call Cowan Investigations today at 732 837 8444.

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