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Many people seeking a Licensed New Jersey Private Investigator simply initiate a Google Search. Immediately the computer screen is inundated with links to National Big Name Private Detective Firms. During your review of the information contained within these websites, the National Private Detective Agencies will sell their service to you by representing they have hundreds of Private Investigators spread throughout the United States. I don’t doubt that fact, but how well can these Private Detective Firms actually service you? Do you really believe that these national investigation companies have a real rapport with hundreds of Private Investigators spread out over fifty states? How well do you think these large out of state companies know the geography of New Jersey let alone the applicable laws both criminal and civil? These nationally based Private Detective Firms intake large amounts of work through highly efficient, attractive and effective advertising packaging. Upon obtaining a client in New Jersey these national companies outsource the assignment to a New Jersey Private Investigator and retain up to 40% of all fees as their “management” fee for handling the case and its outsourcing.

It is a fact when you hire an out of state National Private Detective Agency you might only talk to the initial representative of the firm you have retained. You will be told by this employee the reason for this is that you will have the firms expertise in managing the case during the course of the investigation. However, the real purpose is to insulate you as their client. This is not a good thing for your case for a number of reasons:

1) your case manager will likely be managing your case from an out of state location far removed from New Jersey,

2) In most instances a client needs to be interviewed by a person on the ground in New Jersey who is actually managing the case as well as participating in its investigation,

3) by retaining an out of state firm you are placing an additional layer of communication between you the client and the New Jersey Private Investigator who are actually working your case,

4) since the out of state agency will take a management fee of up to 60% this will result in the New Jersey Private Investigator cutting corners thereby effecting the quality of the product in order for the acceptance of the out sourced contract to make financial sense.


1. A client with investigative needs in New Jersey contacts a national private investigator firm. The representative at National Private Investigator Firm will advise the client of the price of the service and the fact that the National Private Investigator Firm will manage the case. You will only communicate with the National Private Investigator Firm.

2. the National Private Investigator Firm will outsource the investigation to a New Jersey Private Investigator and will retain up to 60% of the investigation fee as case management costs. The busiest and most competent New Jersey Private Investigator Firms will not accept an assignment at the rate being offered by the NC.

3. the New Jersey Private Investigator Agency accepting the case will often have difficulty locating a private investigator to work for the lower rates they will need to offer their employees in order to account for the management fees being paid to the National Private Investigator Firm.

4. upon commencement of the investigation communication of necessary information between the New Jersey Private Investigator on the ground doing the actual work and the client become dramatically slow. Due to the additional layer of communication required because of the middleman (National Private Investigator Firm) it becomes difficult to obtain useful real time information that the client may possess during an active investigation because this information must now be filtered through the National Private Investigator Firm.

Bob Cowan the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department is quite familiar with all areas of New Jersey. Bob grew up and lived in Hudson County most of his life in addition to residing in Monmouth County and Ocean County where he currently resides. By retaining Cowan Investigations for the Private Investigator Services you require, you can ensure confidential and professional handling of your case from a life long resident of New Jersey. Bob will manage and be personally involved in the ground operation required for your case, and of course he will keep you updated of the status and/or progress of the investigation.

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Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of retaining a National Private Investigator Agency for your Private Investigation Needs, even if you should decide that Cowan Investigations does not meet your needs, we strongly recommend you go local, there are many first rate private investigation firms right here in New Jersey. See our attached links below for Cowan Investigations divorce related services

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