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Geoff Forker

New Jersey State Police Lieutenant Geoff Forker (Ret.)

New Jersey State Police Lieutenant Geoff Forker (Ret.) is a twenty-seven-year veteran law enforcement officer.  Mr. Forker served with the New Jersey State Police for twenty-five-years before his retirement. The New Jersey State Police is recognized as one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the country. After retiring from the New Jersey State Police, Mr. Forker worked for the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office where he was able to apply his vast investigative experience conducting complex investigations for the Warren County Prosecutors Office.

Lt. Geoff Forker (Ret.) a 27-year veteran of the N.J. State Police and Warren County Prosecutors Office brings a wealth of Investigative experience to the Cowan Investigations Litigation Support Team

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Warren County Prosecutors Office

After Lt. Forker retired from the New Jersey State Police, he was hired as a Special Victims Unit detective with the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Forker is a trained and certified forensic child interviewer specializing in obtaining disclosures from minors who are victims of sexual and physical abuse.

While employed at the Warren County Prosecutors Office, the knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by Mr. Forker were immediately recognized by the Office of the Prosecutor. Mr. Forker was assigned to conduct sensitive investigations that involved the sexual and/or physical abuse of juvenile victims.

During Mr. Forker’s time at the Warren County Prosecutors Office, he charged nineteen cases in a twenty-two-month period of time.  This was an extraordinary accomplishment in protecting our children from sexual and physical abuse.  The charges included First Degree Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor, Endangering the Welfare of Children, Prostitution, and Criminal Sexual Contact. In addition, Mr. Forker had also arrested a serial rapist that had molested three children and several other young adults several years ago.

Lt. Forker (Ret.) New Jersey State Police

Lieutenant Geoff Forker (Ret.) had a storied twenty-five-year career with the New Jersey State Police working in multiple investigative capacities. Mr. Forker attained the rank of lieutenant while working for one of the leading State Police Departments in the United States.  As a supervisor Mr. Forker oversaw the following New Jersey State Police Units:

  • The New Jersey State Police Official Corruption Unit– Mr. Forker Investigated and later supervised the sensitive investigations of elected politicians, appointed officials, and public servants for Theft, Fraud, and Official Misconduct. Forker was assigned to high-level Major Case Investigations reporting directly to the top law enforcement officers in the State of New Jersey.
  • The New Jersey State Police Major Crimes Unit Forker was assigned to a team that investigated all police-involved shootings of state or county law enforcement officers. Lt. Forker (Ret.) also investigated suspicious deaths and homicides throughout the state. Lt. Forker (Ret.) was a member of the team that investigated, arrested, and convicted Melanie McGuire for the homicide of her husband William McGuire, Ms. McGuire was dubbed the “Suit Case Killer”.
  • The New Jersey State Police Gangs and Organized Crimes Unit Forker supervised the major case investigations of organized and illicit criminal street gangs throughout northern New Jersey. These cases involved the recruitment of confidential informants as well as the use of advanced techniques including concealed recording equipment, wiretaps, and cellular phone analysis.
  • The New Jersey State Police Interstate Liaison Intelligence Unit– Mr. Forker supervised the collection of intelligence and dissemination of this information to established partners in law enforcement. In addition, Mr. Forker supervised the sharing of information and intelligence, that concentrated on Homeland Security, with the New York City Police Department, Philadelphia Police Department, and the FBI Counterterrorism Unit.
  • The New Jersey State Police Narcotics Trafficking North Unit– Mr. Forker supervised a thirty-member task force concentrating on heroin and opioids. Lt. Forker (Ret.) worked in partnership with municipal police departments and county prosecutor’s offices to attack this narcotics epidemic through the utilization of both advanced techniques and criminal street-level investigation methods.

While these specialized State Police Units were under the command of Mr. Forker, the State Troopers under his supervision successfully investigated and prepared cases that resulted in the arrest and conviction of numerous high-level criminals, such as;

  1. Multiple politicians and public figures for their crimes against municipalities, counties, and state government
  1. Large-scale criminal street gang organizations trafficking narcotics and firearms as well as committing violent criminal offenses which created fear and disruption within New Jersey’s Urban Communities

Mr. Forker is an expert in the advanced techniques necessary to combat violent criminal behavior including wiretap investigations, GPS tracking devices, covert pole cameras, consensual recording equipment, and techniques.

Notable Investigations and Units (Ret.) New Jersey State Police Lt. Forker Supervised or Participated in

  • First-degree wiretap investigation that charged seventeen Latin King Gang members with narcotics distribution, weapons trafficking and distribution, and violent acts towards other criminal street gang members. During this investigation, under the supervision of Lt. Forker (Ret.), N.J. State Troopers successfully infiltrated several Latin Kings Meetings utilizing an informant outfitted with covert recording equipment. This investigative achievement marked the first time in New Jersey State Police History that an informant had recorded a Latin Kings Secret Meeting.
  •  While assigned as the New Jersey State Police Gangs and Organized Crime North Zone Supervisor, Forker oversaw all street-level operations conducted by troopers in Jersey City, Paterson, Irvington, and Newark. The investigations totaled 409 in all. Under Mr. Forker’s Command 110 illegal firearms were seized, and hundreds of suspects for violent crimes and narcotics distribution were taken off the streets.
  • During Mr. Forker’s time as a supervisor of undercover operations, one of the detectives under his command infiltrated a South Jersey organized crime gambling operation. The undercover detective subsequently implicated several organized crime family members with a litany of criminal offenses, which led to over a dozen arrests and successful prosecutions.
  • Forker was the creator and coordinator of the New Jersey State Police “Violent Crime and Criminal Street Gang Advanced Investigation” training at the Union County Police Academy for two years. The training had on average 140 detectives in attendance from throughout the tri-state region. The officers being trained by Mr. Forker were instructed in advanced techniques and the successful conclusion to major case criminal street gang investigations.

(Ret.) Lieutenant Forker’s Educational Background

  • Seton Hall University Masters Degree- Human Resource Management
  • Lynchburg College- Bachelor of Arts- Mr. Forker was also the Captain of the Lynchburg Varsity Basketball Team


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