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How far can a PI go to investigate a case? Part II

Bob Cowan - Owner of Cowan Investigations, a New Jersey Private Investigator

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In our previous blog, we discussed how — unlike private investigators in the movies, books, and TV — real-life PIs are bound to state and federal laws just like every other citizen. Despite their portrayal in the media, they actually can’t do things like break into a home, tamper with mail, record a subject inside a private residence, or the many other common misconceptions that we typically associate with private investigators.

PIs need to be resourceful and attentive, paying meticulous attention to the details and thoroughly gathering information and other types of evidence over the course of their investigations. If you’re considering a private investigation in Monmouth County, NJ, let’s take a look at exactly how far a PI can go to investigate your case.

Conduct Surveillance

Private detectives can follow an individual to track their movements, monitor their behavior and everyday activities, and even set up audio or visual recordings in certain situations.

Find Sensitive and Important Records

A private investigator can locate and verify the many types of records by scouring databases and other public filings. This can include anything from criminal, birth, death, marriage, and property records; professional and business licenses, voter registration, deeds, bankruptcy, and lien filings, and much more.

Conduct Interviews

A trained and experienced PI has the skills to speak with friends, family, lovers, and other known associates to glean more detailed information about a person, their character, daily activities, and even whereabouts.

Gather Information

Researching records is essential to just about any investigation and one of the most significant aspects of what a private investigator does. By gathering this data, it can divulge information about a subject without crossing any ethical or legal boundaries. This can include anything from addresses, phone numbers, family members, inheritances, marital status, property holdings, social media profiles, and a wide array of other information.

Look Through Someone’s Trash

A private investigator can even look through a person’s trash in certain scenarios. This can allow them to uncover evidence such as phone records, bank statements, credit card statements, letters, and other potentially suspicious items.

While they can’t break the law and don’t generally engage in car chases and secret meetings, PIs have plenty of tools and tactics at their disposal to conduct an effective investigation and gather the evidence they need ethically and responsibly.

For more information on how far a PI can go for your infidelity investigation in Middlesex County, NJ, call Cowan Investigations today at 732 837 8444.

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