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Best Days to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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When you can’t confirm for yourself whether or not your spouse is lying and cheating, the next logical step is to hire a private investigator. The investigator can advise you of some of the best days to catch a cheating spouse. The hiring of a New Jersey Private Investigator to provide evidence of a cheating spouse can be a costly step but one that may be well worth the expense if it gives you the irrefutable evidence to confront your cheating partner who has lied and deceived you.

At Cowan Investigations we have conducted inquiries into cheating spouses where we have obtained evidence of the infidelity in literally under three hours by a combination of our securing excellent intelligence from our clients and trusting our own instincts. It is essential to have an idea as to when the best days are to catch a cheating spouse, this can keep the costs of investigation down On the other hand, cheating spouse investigations can take quite some time in order to secure evidence of cheating. The ABSOLUTE VERY BEST WAY TO KEEP COSTS DOWN is the quality of the information supplied by the client as to when you feel your spouse is cheating. The client has to go over in their mind as to when their suspicions have been raised. Are there certain days? Are there certain hours? Are there certain excuses their spouse uses to be out of the house that just don’t pass the sniff test?  Experience has demonstrated there are best days to catch a cheating spouse.

Notwithstanding the above, there are many articles based on research that have identified the best days to catch a cheating spouse and times that are high risk for your spouse to partake in their infidelity, they are as follows:

  • The cheating spouse may look to get together on the paramour’s birthday
  • A cheating spouse may tell you they need to attend late meetings at work or late workouts at the gym
  • A cheating spouse may look to get together on business trips that you do not attend but others from work do participate in.  And remember, this is a high-risk time period for cheating and it does not have to be with a co-worker, the other woman/man could independently meet your cheating spouse out of town.
  • A cheating spouse may try and get together with their lover on the Thursday before a long holiday weekend or the Tuesday after that same weekend.
  • A cheating spouse may try and get together with their lover the days and weekends surrounding Valentine’s Day.
  • A cheating spouse may try and get together with their lover the days leading up to Thanksgiving; one of the busiest “out” nights of the year is actually the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
  • A cheating spouse may try and get together with their lover at Christmas parties at work where your spouse does not invite you to attend, a definite red flag should be raised if he wants your spouse to propose staying out all night to avoid “drinking and driving”.
  • A cheating spouse may try and get together with their paramour on Christmas Eve Day, or the weekdays leading up to Christmas.

These are only patterns that have been established through research, often times this research may be right on the money, but the very best indicator as to what is going on with your spouse is that gut feeling you get as to when your not being told the truth.


About the author:  Bob Cowan is the owner of Cowan Investigations a full service New Jersey Private Investigations Firm, Bob is the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department and has 35 years experience as a police officer in New Jersey’s second largest municipality.

If you wish to speak with me regarding this article, or if you need a consultation regarding it’s contents please do not hesitate to call me at 732-837-8444, seven days a week 8:00am to 8:00pm.  

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