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A Private Investigator Describes 3 Signs of a Cheating Partner

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One of the most devastating experiences somebody can endure is the discovery that a partner is cheating, especially if you and your spouse have children together. Adultery has the power to completely upend all of your lives at a moment’s notice, leaving you to pick up the pieces after your partner’s infidelity.

After years of experience, Bob Cowan of Cowan Investigations has become familiar with many of the usual tropes and tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse and is there to help you acquire the necessary information if you wish to test your suspicions.

There are numerous red flags that can signify infidelity. If you suspect your significant other of being unfaithful, make sure to keep an eye out for the following possible clues.

Sign 1. Changes in Personality or Attitude

Frequently, cheating spouses will begin to unexpectedly exhibit emotional distance, aloofness, or even anger. For instance, your partner may suddenly seem uncomfortable with displays of emotional closeness or intimacy, show a lack of interest in activities you once did together, or come across as aloof when you try to speak to him/her.

Adulterous partners may also be prone to flares of anger, and become critical or overly sensitive over minor things. This can be a sign of defensiveness; a way of alleviating their guilt by shifting the responsibility for the deteriorating relationship away from themselves and onto their partner.

Sign 2. Changes in Personal Grooming or Behavior

This can include behaviors such as a renewed interest in their physical appearance, random breaks with their daily routine, or unusual behavior on their phones or computers. You may also find your spouse asking for more details about your schedule, in order to more effectively conceal their infidelity.

Sign 3. They Leave a Trail

Commonly, cheating partners will leave behind physical clues such as mysterious charges to their credit card, strange items left in the car that you do not recognize, or unusual purchases. You might find condoms in your husband’s wallet, even though you are on birth control, or birth control in your wife’s purse, although you’ve already had a vasectomy.

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