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Our New Jersey licensed associates specialize and offer a wide range of security services:

dreamstime_m_4595820Security Services-Our Security Associates can meet your long and short term security needs through the providing of fully licensed and trained security officers.

Executive Protection-a wide range of long and short term body guard services for executives who require discrete and confidential coverage whether it being at work, travel or at home.

Workplace violence- In today’s world a company may need short or long term protection for their employees due to a multitude of reasons, i.e. The dismissal of an employee whom you feel may be unbalanced, real threats received at your place of business from whatever the source, labor disputes as well as a wide range of other issues that might arise. Our professional at Associates in the Security Field can give you this piece of mind by the providing of active and retired police officers who will protect you and your most valuable asset, the employees who work for you.