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A New Jersey Private Investigator’s Report Can Make or Break Your Case.

As the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department with thirty-five-years of law enforcement experience in New Jersey’s second largest municipality, I have learned the absolute necessity of properly preparing reports. As owner of Cowan Investigations, I continue to appreciate the importance of objective and understandable reports in the multiple types of litigation that New Jersey Private Investigators become involved in. For instance, in the multiple divorce related investigations I have handled, such as Cohabitation and Child Custody Investigations, it is essential that succinct and understandable reports be prepared; reports that a New Jersey Court will understand without a whole lot of effort. Investigation Reports prepared by Cowan Investigation provide complete details of an investigation without personal opinion inserted; unlike the majority of New Jersey Private Investigation Firms, Cowan Investigations integrates evidential photographs into the body of each investigation report.

I have created this web page for the convenience of potential Clients that are now able to review a prototype of the manner in which a Cowan Investigation’s Report will actually look like. Cowan Investigations is one of only a few New Jersey Private Investigation Firms which take the time to prepare their reports in such a professional manner.

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