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How a NJ Private Investigator Can Help You Handle Employee Misconduct

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If you have an employee that you suspect of misconduct, it can cause any number of negative repercussions, from loss of product and revenue to lawsuits against your company. Knowing how to handle such situations swiftly and effectively is crucial. As a background investigator for Mercer County, NJ, Cowan Investigations is exceptionally knowledgeable in employee screenings and misconduct investigations, and can help you address suspicions of employee misconduct with a satisfactory resolution.

Why Should I Hire a PI for My Misconduct Investigation?

Outsourcing your employee misconduct investigation to a third party has numerous advantages over an in-house investigation. As the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department, Bob Cowan was not only directly responsible for overseeing the Internal Affairs Unit, but before that he had 27 years experience in other police supervisory positions, handling complaints of all types.

Get an expert opinion. A seasoned and learned private investigator such as Bob Cowan can provide an expert’s bird’s eye view, giving you a full description of precisely which New Jersey laws are in play regarding your case and how your company can move forward.

Free up your human resources department. By hiring a private investigator to conduct the investigation, you can take the weight off the shoulders of your human resources department by sparing them the responsibility of doing the investigation themselves. This is not to mention that the legal ins and outs of misconduct and noncompliance can be quite complex. By outsourcing your investigation, you can save human resources the task of mastering these relevant legal codes.

Maintain objectivity. By bringing in a third party, your employee misconduct investigation can be carried out objectively and dispassionately. Further, by retaining the services of an outside source, it will send a message to your team and company that you take the investigations at hand seriously and wish to avoid any suspicion of bias on the part of management.

How Should My Team Handle The Process

During the investigation, office operations should continue with business as usual. Otherwise, employees should only be brought into the case when absolutely necessary. Maintaining a sense of order and trust during the process is vital, and a seasoned private investigator such as Bob Cowan will be able to assist you with keeping stability.

What Are Some Different Kinds Of Employee Misconduct?

Employee misconduct can take many different forms. Types of misconduct can include:

Harassment. Harassment itself can be subdivided into various categories. Types include sexual harassment in the form of inappropriate comments, questions, or advances; physical harassment and assault; and verbal harassment from bosses or coworkers. Employee bullying, though categorized separately, frequently overlaps with harassment.

Asset Misuse & Theft. Theft can include simple theft of company property, as well as time theft while on the clock. Asset misuse includes acts such as using company funds and property for personal use or business transactions.

Substance Abuse. The abuse of drugs and alcohol can be grounds for dismissal. Even if the employee in question is abusing the substance off the clock, a private investigator can help you attain the proof you need to move forward.

Payroll Abuse. This could be an individual employee or even the payroll department itself falsifying pay or hours worked.

Insubordination. The legal definition of insubordination covers much more than plain rudeness. A qualified private investigator can help you handle insubordination cases professionally and delicately.

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