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Employee Misconduct


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Your employees often know your business as well as you do, with that knowledge comes an insight into your vulnerabilities; dishonest employees will know how to take advantage of you and your business despite the safeguards you put into place. In more recent times an employer not only needs to be concerned about theft of it’s physical assets but often an even more valuable loss to an organization
is the theft of time which has recently become more prevalent in both the public and private sector.


People often view public misconduct by elected officials and public employees as being victimless, not that this conduct is condoned by the public, but the attitude is usually that this is the status quo in government and has been prevalent for such a long time and nothing can be done about it. Most public officials and employees are honest and hard working but there are some who look upon a government position as being a license to do things for their own interest rather than for the benefit of the people they serve.

If you are a business owner or a contractor that has been improperly obstructed from doing work for a public entity or by what you perceive as improper actions by public officials either elected or appointed contact Cowan Investigations for a consultation. On the other hand, if you are a municipality or other government entity and you suspect your employees are violating the public trust, Cowan Investigations is available to conduct covert investigations and operations in order to confirm or dispel your suspicions. Here are examples of potential abuses of public trust that have recently been widely reported in the media:

contractorfraud **In March and August of 2016, an NBC News ITEAM Investigation revealed
potential abuses by the Paterson Public Works Department, it was alleged that workers on the clock were doing private work for an elected official while being paid overtime. According to the report this particular case was investigated for a year and the information contained in the ITEAM Report was obtained through the investigative and surveillance efforts of a New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator. As per the ITEAM report this entire episode is being investigated by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office

**In March of 2015, a Jersey City Councilman was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in the early morning hours after allegedly blowing through a red light in a publicly owned vehicle causing a collision where serious bodily injury resulted. The vehicle which the Councilman had been driving was fitted with police emergency lights that the he had allegedly been utilizing at the time of the accident; after a subsequent investigation the Councilman was also charged with assault by auto. In an ensuing investigation which had been triggered by the initial accident it had also been determined the Jersey City Councilman was working at a “no show” public job at the Hudson County Improvement Authority.

The two examples cited above result in a huge cost to taxpayers. In the case of the allegations regarding Paterson, taxpayers are responsible for huge overtime costs while their public employees allegedly perform private work for people while on the public dime. While in the case of the Jersey City Councilman, taxpayers not only pay for him to drive a public vehicle but are now liable for the injuries sustained by those he hurt while he was improperly using a public vehicle equipped with police emergency lights. In addition, the public is also on the hook for paying the Jersey City Councilman for a public job that he allegedly did not show up to.

At Cowan Investigations we will uncover the evidence you need to reveal this type of egregious misconduct on the part of public employees, either at the behest of private citizens or the public entities themselves.


One of the most severe types of employee misconduct is theft. An employee stealing money from a cash register is obviously theft, but it’s not the only kind. Other examples of theft include:

  • employeemisconduct4 Doing work on a side-business while on the clock
  • Clocking in to work while not actually at work
  • Using a company vehicle for personal errands
  • Taking intellectual property like computer codes
  • Padding an expense report with extra charges

Any time an employee removes something from the company that they shouldn’t, it’s a form of theft. As an example, some businesses will allow an employee to take home supplies in order to perform off site work for the company, but obviously it would not be proper to use these same items for your personal use.

Misconduct can also occur outside the office after hours. Those who use or sell drugs, drink or fight in public or leak confidential information are engaging in gross misconduct. This type of misconduct can especially be damaging to you or your company if the offender is an executive or holds a prominent position in the organization.

If you think a professional inquiry would be helpful in protecting your company do not hesitate to contact Cowan Investigations to discuss your options.

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